VANCOUVER IS REVOLTING And the citizens break stuff too. (TorStar). One in critical condition and several stabbed (Globe and Mail). Here’s the front page of today’s Vancouver Province. ( And … oh for gosh sakes, get a room. (yfrog)

MEANWHILE BUSINESSES ON PORTAGE AVENUE ARE PUTTING PLYWOOD OVER THEIR GROUND FLOOR WINDOWS Here’s one idea for the revamped Winnipeg Jets’ new logo (Winnipeg Free Press)

VANCOUVERITES COULD LEARN A LOT FROM SEAN BEAN Headline of the year: “Game Of Thrones’ Sean Bean stabbed, briefly delaying his drinking” (KOMO)

SASKATCHEWAN HEALTH: ENHANCING THE PROFIT MARGINS OF ALBERTA BUSINESSES SINCE 2007 Given how much fundraising Brad Wall does for the Sask. Party in Alberta, all you can say is ‘well, DUH.” (Leader-Post)

THE AIDAN MORGAN SUICIDE WATCH BEGINS A really good food review column based in Buffalo goes dark when the blogger realizes people will still eat at the Olive Garden, no matter what he says or how bad the food is. (BuffaloChow)

A SCOTSMAN’S CONTRIBUTION TO AIRLINE SAFETY AND COMFORT John Spencer (Scotsman) played on the fringes of the English premier and second-tier teams, and in Scotland, became a star in Major League Soccer. He’s now the coach of the expansion Portland Timbers, and is starring in, IMHO, the funniest television commercial North America has produced since CJME hired Doug And Bob MacKenzie for some TV spots on CKTV in 1980.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it: work ‘fiddlybit’ into everyday conversation.

AND NOW YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN: this song is particularly appropriate: The Pack AD’s live version of “BC Is On Fire.”