Rosie’s Six In The A.M. Live From His New Home And Recently Repaired Computer

1 CURIOSER AND CURIOSER Initially I thought Mary Walsh and the 22 Minutes crew had gone a step too far with their Marg Delahunty swarming of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. But it seems as if not only can Ford not keep his story straight about what happened with the TV show, but he also doesn’t think much of civil servants. (CBC)

2 OH YEAH? OCCUPY THIS! I would bet that the Support Our Troops brigades of the 101st Chairborne will want to begin air strikes on the Oakland City Hall and police headquarters after a former Marine was shot in the head by a flash grenade during the Occupy Oakland demonstrations. Or not. (Tbogg). And The Church of England’s head honcho would rather have the moneychangers inside the temple. (The Independent)

3 COME BACK GRAHAM JAMES, ALL IS FORGIVEN The night previously on NewsTalk 980, Glen Suitor and Drew Remenda filled up a half an hour talking about how sports – especially team sports – builds character. Yeah. It really built a few characters in Neepwa, Manitoba … after a 15 year old hockey player was driven off the Manitoba Junior Hockey League team after a hazing ritual that sounds like something from Deliverance. (Winnipeg Free Press)

4 SOMEWHERE, RICK PERRY IS SAYING THAT GOD WILL PROVIDE ALL Here’s a thought: if you don’t teach science in schools, where is the next generation of scientists going to come from? (Good Politics)

5 HAVE TO DO A BIT MORE THAN ‘IT GETS BETTER’ Rick Mercer says it’s time for everybody – gay or straight to make it better (Globe and Mail). Dan Savage agrees. (SLOG)

6 IN OTHER NEWS, STEPHEN HARPER TAKES CREDIT FOR THE SUN COMING UP IN THE EAST Canada’s crime rate has fallen to its lowest point in a generation, following a trend that’s been happening since the mid-1970s. Naturally, the Cons government takes credit for this, even though most of the decline came when the justice system was filled with namby-pamby liberals. (Ottawa Citizen)

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN I should be mentioning that Tom Waits has a new album out (NPR) but thanks to the Dead Star Twilight blog, I found this video by the Brian Jonestown Massacre. I’ll get back to you when I stop drooling.

And in honor of Toronto’s mayor, I’m signing off this blog segment by saying that I’m Stephen FUCKING LaRose.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

22 thoughts on “Rosie’s Six In The A.M. Live From His New Home And Recently Repaired Computer”

  1. Ah, excellent — glad to see #3 up there. Anyone else for another rousing round of the ongoing debate about how sports teams are character building / sociopath factories?

    The key points I took from this:

    1)They tied a frigging water bottle rack to his genitals.

    2)The league responded appropriately.

    3)The team circled the wagon and punished the victim.

    I think that adequately represents my points about the sort of groupthink bullying that’s all to common on sports teams.

    I once knew a guy who was on the NHL track. He was an amazing player. Married someone I went to college with. He told me about some of the hazing stuff that went on. Some of it was absolutely shocking.

    One year they made all the rookies tape themselves having sex with their girlfriends and put together a highlight reel, which he admitted a) included a lot of underaged girls and b) that he still had.

    I naturally urged him to destroy the child pornography.

  2. Though if someone can provide me with a link to a news story about the Scrabble Club tying a dictionary to someones naughty bits and making them run three times around the library, I’ll take it all back…

  3. Hope you’re enjoying the “suburbs”, Mr. LaRose. Normanview is a nice area.
    @Gordeaux: to, too, two.
    Not every sports team does these things, so the generalization is still out of place. The league did respond appropriately; the response of the team to the whistleblower reflects that particular team’s mentality – and also illustrates a sad reality: whistleblowers are not usually loved, and much of the time their only reward is intrinsic.

  4. Again, bro, why is it ok to stereotype athletes, but not other groups? Most athletes do nothing like this whatsoever. A few are idiots, but they don’t represent the millions participating in various sports who know right from wrong.

    But hey, because jocks are/were often the “cool guys”, its apparently ok to stereotype them.

  5. 5: You might have a case if you can come up with a story about kids in a high school musical bullying a offensive lineman on the school football team to death, or kids in the drama club tying a copy of Shakespeare’s Collected Works to a boy’s genitals and making them dance.

  6. I didn’t hear the Suitor/Remenda discussion but I will say organized sports are a lot like organized anything. Good for a lot of people; abused by some.
    I played a myriad of organized sports from ages 4 to 24. It taught me about team work and improved my leadership skills, it kept me active and I had a lot of fun. It was good for me; awful for the victims of hazing and similar incidents.
    It’s irresponsible to argue that all organized sports are bad just because you can pull out some awful hazing stories.

  7. Thanks for the comment, Anon. I suspect that all the athletes who have been assaulted over the years might appreciate a little more criticism/discussion of the violent and insane aspects of sport culture. Not less.

    Also, lots of prairie dog writers are sports fans. Don’t be stereotypin’, bro.

  8. Drew Remenda’s been making some good points lately, specifically his observations about how over-zealous sports fans are becoming in analyzing stats, following draft picks, calling out players and coaches, etc., i.e. how apeshit interested some people seemed to go over the last NHL draft. BO-RING.

    As for blasting “team sports”, hockey seems a little more extreme than others.

  9. @Talbot… fair point.

    I’m sure hazing exists in other sports, but hockey does seem a special case.

  10. I played lots ‘o sports, but didn’t play hockey. I don’t know if it was the early mornings or hazing rituals that deterred my parents, or the fact that I skated like a poodle, but from what I heard, hockey hazers seemed to have an unnatural obsession with the genital region.

  11. You can skate as well as a poodle? Lucky dude. I was always a bit more like a pug when I was on the ice… sorta disoriented and making those weird snort/snore noises whenever I moved…

  12. Incidents like this need to come to light, anything that helps this end is a positive. More education about how bullying/extreme hazing is wrong, stricter rules, etc. will help this disappear, not comments about how sport doesn’t build character. Condemning athletes as a whole for the actions of a few isn’t part of the solution.

    And yes, hockey, and football perhaps, are different beasts that require special attention.

    Stephen, bropheus, bullying (which includes gossip and other less violent form) can happen in all groups. Athletes may be the leading proponents of this, but they’re definitely not the only ones.

  13. Prairie Dog writers are sports fans? Dammit Stephen, how did you find out about my CFL problem?
    And does it offend anyone else that Weston Dressler is counted as an import? As you may have figured out by now, I have been known to veer of on tangents…

  14. Harper takes credit for the sun rising in the east, lefties blame him when it sets in the west.

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