I’m not putting in the Top Six graphic because it’s apparently disappeared. Gone through 15 pages graphics, and it’s not there. [UPDATE: Brotheridge here. Just added the graphic. I also switched out “Star-Phoenix” for “StarPhoenix”, even though it felt gross.]

1 WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A HOMETOWN THAT’S A NUCLEAR MELTDOWN? The short version of the history of Regina’s first punk band, The Extroverts. (National Post)

2 IF THIS IS THE WAY THESE GUYS TREAT THEIR POTENTIAL PARTNERS, THEY DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE ANY The T.V. show Bachelor Pad brings in a scene where the bachelors throw eggs at the women they think are ugly. Why not just have them battle to the death? Think of the ratings … (Gawker)

3 FIRE AT REGINA’S CITY DUMP Maybe this is the day the earth caught fire … (CJME)

Just sayin’.

4 BOOK OF CONDOLENCES The Regina Pats encourage fans to sign a book of condolences at the Brandt Centre today in memorial to Rick Rypien, who died by his own hand earlier this week (Rob Pedersen). And the widow of Dave Batters chines in, because, as you all know, only Conservatives get depressed. (Leader-Post). And the Canucks are angry about a Toronto Star misquote of the team’s general manager. (The Globe and Mail)

5 THAT’S NOT KOSHER There’s a lot of street demonstration against the Israeli government, but from reading the North American news media, you’d never know it. (Mathaba)

6 BIG LOSS FOR SASKATCHEWAN CULTURE Frances Morrison passes away. Until her retirement in 1980, she built the Saskatoon public library system to her image and standards. (StarPhoenix)

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN I can’t top the Cookie Monster singing Tom Waits, so I’m going to stick with my 90s-era favourite pop-rock band from Australia, Died Pretty, with Headaround. Now, why do videos from Australia all have `rage` tagged at the bottom left side of the screen? They must have a lot of anger management issues Down Under.