1 THIS HOUR OF REPUBLICAN STUPIDITY Herman Cain warns everybody, “Don’t let Red China have nuclear weapons!” (Daily Kos) Uh, they have had them since 1964. (Federation of American Scientists) They also have the fourth-largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world, after the United States, Russia, and Great Britain. And the way the American economy is going, they could just buy some surplus nukes off the Americans.

2 THIS HOUR OF REPUBLICAN STUPIDITY, PART DUH A man having consensual sex with a woman is wrong, say Republicans. (Wikipedia) But sexually harassing at least two women to the point that you drive them from work? That’s a MAN’S job! (Daily Mail)

3 THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE Despite their bulltweet denials, the Khardashian brand made a lot of coin on the sham marriage of the most famous ass in the world (in more ways than one) and … the other guy. (Grantland). But conservatives want to protect the sanctity of marriage for America’s own Marie Antoinette and her banks from people who, you know, actually are in love and committed to another human being. (Buzzfeed)

4 JUST DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO. DON’T. What’s worse than being filmed beating your 16-year-old daughter (suffering from cerebral palsy) with a belt to within an inch of her life? And trying to say that it’s not as bad as it looks? Being a judge in Texas and having the video of you doing just that uploaded to YouTube. (Gawker)

5 SOON AFTER, JOHN DOYLE WAS FOUND DEAD IN A DUMPSTER AND THE GLOBE AND MAIL’S OWNERS HAD NO COMMENT The Globe’s best columnist (though that title is nowhere prestigious as it once was) notes that Canadian conservatives have no sense of humour. Now, since humour is a sign of intelligence … gives you an idea of who’s running this country.

6 THE SACRIFICES HE MAKES FOR US CBC Saskatchewan’s Kevin O’Connor reviews the political ads in the run up to next week’s election.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Wilco performing I might at Studio Q at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.