The East Coast Music Awards happened last night, recognizing a bunch of Maritime citizens for their musical efforts. Give it up, Dog Blog readers! Woo! Music! Read who got what from our friends at the Coast. (I’m assuming we’re friends since they’re an alt-mag and we’re an alt-mag, but I’m not always informed of Prairie Dog‘s feuds.)

One of my favourites from that list is Rose Cousins, who won three awards and co-hosted the gala. There are plenty of reasons why Cousins is great, including:

– Her last album, We Have Made a Spark, released last year, a record full of beauty.
– She’s a funny lady who’s a delight to talk to.
– She was featured on Joel Plaskett’s fantastic solo album, Three, which earns her cred points forever in my book.

Go ahead and watch that video for “All the Stars”, presenting a much different version from the equally-lovely one that appears on Spark.

UPDATED Rose Cousins isn’t a music! She’s a musician! The headline for this blog post has been changed to reflect that.