Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Expect more in the coming months.

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be on a plane bound for Africa.

Over the next six months I will be in Accra, Ghana. Writing, taking pictures and reporting from a capital city in the midst of an economic boom. I have some experience with matters of this sort, but the Queen city has unique pitfalls. Although, recent news has made the world seem more connected:

In Ghana, it is currently illegal to be gay (here’s hoping change is inevitable and human rights will be recognized) and in Canada, the Harper Government has once again chosen to introduce pointless incursive legislation to create public fervor and distract from more substantial issues. Perhaps the only real differences between the two places are meteorological. Maybe, Accra is also preoccupied with ill-conceived stadium projects, car malls and reality television…However, I am doing my best to approach the situation with no pre-conceptions, no expectations and no deceptions.

As part of my pre-departure prep, I spent the past week in Toronto learning “inter-cultural communication” and the realities of security overseas. The federal government and the media development NGO I work with are paying for my time here and I’ve found myself in truly remarkable surroundings. The Planet Traveller is the GTA’s only green hostel and the rooftop patio boasts one of the best views in town (see above picture). Last night, I played drinking games with a filipino fellow, two german girls, a Dutch dude and a greased-up Quebecois. Each brought their own game and I found it one of the more valuable cultural lessons I’ve learned thus far. When it was my turn to lead I taught them how to play donkey blow, a true Saskatchewan original (never heard of it? Go to O’hanlon’s look for a barrel chested man with a big grin, long beard and LA dodgers hat…he’ll show you the ropes.)

Anyways, I’m about to hop my ride to the airport. Plane leaves at 9:20 and I will be on it.

Side note: Last meal in Canada is going to be airport Swiss Chalet (half chicken dinner) and a bag of Hawkin’s Cheezies. First meal in Accra will be bat on a stick