That headline refers to a tweet from New York Times reporter Ashley Parker, who’s been following Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on the campaign trail. Last night, she said: “Watching Romney-Ryan on the trail was like watching a buddy movie — and a burgeoning bromance.”

She was far from the only one talking about the Romney/Ryan connection last night. Romney’s campaign said yesterday that today, Sunday, August 11, they’d be announcing his vice-presidential running mate on the USS Wisconsin. The rumor right from the outset was that Paul Ryan would get the spot on the ticket and, through blog posts and on Twitter, people diligently went about creating a world in which, if Ryan wasn’t picked, you could go back for a few sweet moments in time when your favourite of the Ryan brand of libertarian gnomes was headed for the White House.

But you won’t need that: Ryan is indeed the veep pick, despite whatever Romney says. If you’re looking to get familiar with the man and why he was chosen, take a look at Ryan’s budget plan. His terrifying budget plan.

But the Romney campaign overlooked one option — having the USS Wisconsin itself be the running mate. Jason Gore did a good job of imagining what that would be like: “Moderator: ‘Great response from VP Biden. USS Wisconsin, you have 30 secs to respond to Biden’s comments.’ USS Wisconsin: *creak*”