1 YEAH, BECAUSE RESTRAINT HAS WORKED SO WELL EVERYWHERE ELSE Greg at Accidental Deliberations takes the mickey out of Brad Wall’s new found penny-pinching ways. Hey, if you want to channel an economist who can write, you can do worse than Paul Krugman.

2 FAKE NEWS BY A FAKE NEWS ORGANIZATION Remember when the Sun News Network criticized the CBC for making the news, not reporting on it? Well, it turns out that their reporters couldn’t find enough non-Caucasians to get sworn in on a citizenship ceremony for a news broadcast, so civil servants were ordered to take part in the ceremony by their bosses, on direct command from the Cons’ government.

3 REALLY, SASKATOON? THE CHRISES AT PLANET S CAN’T TELL A QUARTERBACK FROM 25 CENTS IN CHANGE AND AREN’T LIKELY TO SPEND $1,000 A YEAR TO FIND OUT Why does Alberta have two CFL teams and Saskatchewan only one? Because both Calgary and Edmonton have trading areas that are bigger than Saskatchewan’s population, and they have a 60 year head start in tradition. And Saskatchewan is Rider Nation, not Canadian Football Nation, Mr. Credit Union Centre manager. That’s your Al Jaffee memorial ‘Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions’.

As well, according to StarPhoenix city hall reporter Jeremy Warren’s Twitter feed, the city and the CUC recently completed their 10-year master plan, and building a $30K football stadium or its necessary accompaniments weren’t at all on the agenda. I mean, the City of Saskatoon wouldn’t be stupid enough to build a sports stadium without any of the accompanying infrastructure surrounding it, right? Right?

4 NECK DEEP IN THE BIG MUDDY NATO countries have spent more than a decade in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban, and it turns out that the Taliban’s biggest supporters were the intelligence service of the country next door -– the country that NATO relied on for assistance in fighting the Taliban. NATO countries –- including Canada -– may has well have taken all the money, blood toil, tears and sweat that were expended in our military and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan and flushed it down the farking toilet.

5 NINE IF YOU COUNT THE CIA DRONE PLANES Here’s why you don’t want President Barack Obama mad at you.

6 YA THINK? The Saudis have to know something about the oil industry? What do they know about the future of the oil industry — and global warming — that North Americans don’t?

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN The Austin Lounge Lizards, probably the sanest people in Texas politics, with their ode to Newt Gingrich.