At the risk of dating myself, I remember when the British prog rock band Supertramp released their breakout album Crime of the Century in 1974. I even recall buying the 8-track at the Esso station in the small town where I lived at the time.

Supertramp had released two albums prior to that, and the band went on to release another eight albums afterwards with the last album in 2002.

Roger Hodgson was a founding member and co-frontman of Supertramp (along with Rick Davies), but he left the band in 1983 to embark on a solo tour. After breaking up, Supertramp has since reunited under Davies, but Hodgson has continued with his solo career.

On Tuesday Dec. 1 Hodgson’s in town to play a show at Casino Regina. Tickets are$65/$72. Because of his involvement with Supertramp, he does have access to some of the band’s catalogue. Here’s video from 2013 where he performs the song “Give A Little Bit”