Rob Ford Crack Video Update: “It’s Gone.”

From Gawker:

Which brings us to this past Friday, when the intermediary called to tell me that he had finally heard from the owner. And his message was: “It’s gone. Leave me alone.” It was, the intermediary told me, a short conversation.

“It’s gone” could mean many things. It might mean that the video has been destroyed. It might mean that it has been handed over to Ford or his allies. It might mean that he intends to sell or give it to a Canadian media outlet. It might mean that the Toronto Police Department has seized it and plans to use it as evidence in a criminal investigation. It might mean that it has been transferred to the custody of Somali community leaders for safekeeping. It might be a lie. The intermediary doesn’t know. Neither do I.

I do know that Gawker is currently sitting on $184,689.81 collected via our Rob Ford Crackstarter. (That’s $201,254 raised in total, less $8,365.23 in fees extracted by PayPal, $8,043.96 taken by Indiegogo, and $155 in contributions raised that we have yet to receive.) It is obviously our hope that someone steps up to claim this money and provides us the video.

I won’t be at all heartbroken if a Canadian addictions non-profit collects $184,689.81.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

7 thoughts on “Rob Ford Crack Video Update: “It’s Gone.””

  1. This story is getting old already. People are starting to realize that they`ve been had. I`m not a big fan of Rob Ford, but it would be nice to see him sue the ass off the Toronto Star and get re-elected in the next election just out of spite. Somebody wanna pass the popcorn, now its going to get interesting.

  2. My hope is that Revenue Canada busts this wide open come tax-time 2014. Not even the Ford family can just generate $200K cash, or even $10K cash, without liquidating something. Let’s hope there’s a paper trail. Before this all just goes down as another “liberal-left” media laughing-stock f*ck-up.

  3. Rob Ford will come out of this smelling like a rose. I`m thinkin` he`s going to get the last laugh.

  4. If the video is not already in police custody in evidence in the Anthony Smith murder (pictured standing beside Ford in the video), then it’s almost certainly in the hands of Ford thanks to efforts made by some kingpins in the drug world — either the Hell’s Angels or Somalian gangs.

    They would be the only ones with the contacts to find the video or know who would have it without tipping off police or the justice system. And the price the Fords would have to pay for that would be huge — not just in terms of the $200k, but also in the probability that the Fords will be blackmailed into providing information and doing political favours for the group or groups who gave the Fords the video. In effect, to get that video and to try to tell Torontonians that all is well, Ford Nation will be giving organized crime (be it biker gangs, the last vestiges of the Mafia crime syndicates, or Somalian drug lords) carte blanche over City Hall.

    That’s why Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak is backing away from having Doug Ford run in Etobicoke East in the next provincial election.

  5. Oh, brother…… I think you give Robbie to much credit. He did`nt even know who Mary Walsh was for goodness sakes!

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