Riders Offensive Coaching Staff Named

Newly appointed head coach Corey Chamblin filled out his offensive coaching staff today with four appointments.

With Hamilton Tiger Cats, Chamblin was a defensive specialist. And with all the  Riders’ woes on offense last year (like not scoring a TD in four-plus games) there was concern among the Rider faithful that GM Brendan Taman perhaps should have opted for an offensive specialist instead.

But if Chamblin made solid choices on the offensive side of the ball that concern would easily be allayed. That was the opinion of Earl Camembert, Cal Corduroy and Ron Mexico on Rider Fan Forum shortly after Chamblin was hired anyway.

Here’s a link to the Riderville report on the picks Chamblin made. They include an offensive coordinator/running backs coach, a QB coach, a running game coordinator/offensive line coach and a receivers coach.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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2 thoughts on “Riders Offensive Coaching Staff Named”

  1. I’m pretty sure Taman’s the root of all dysfunction in Riderville. First time I saw him I was like, is this really the right guy? I mean, maybe like everything Regina, he’ll just grow on us over time, but I dunno.

    Anybody know if our movers and shakers seek out his company? If Bradley and Pat aren’t calling, then he’s not a winner.

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