Rider Players In Court on Aggravated Assault Charges

Two Saskatchewan Roughriders were in court today on charges of aggravated assault. The players are wide receiver Taj Smith and defensive back Dwight Anderson. The incident apparently happened on Aug. 18 at a Dewdney Ave. nightclub, and resulted in serious injuries to a 20 year-old man.

Here’s a link to a short Leader-Post report on Smith and Anderson’s court appearance.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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7 thoughts on “Rider Players In Court on Aggravated Assault Charges”

  1. Innocent until proven guilty. I am hearing that there is a local gang element to this story, and more than just two Riders were involved.

  2. Not a good time for this to be happening, but let’s wait for all the info to come out before jumping ship on the riders again.

  3. A third Rider player, receiver Eron Riley, has been charged with Aggravated Assault. He’s in court today, and according to today’s Leader-Post Smith and Anderson will be back in court on Oct. 8. Outside court yesterday defence lawyer Paul Harasen said he was awaiting disclosure of the Crown’s case against Smith and Anderson.

  4. Anonymous: innocent until proven guilty is the standard set in a court of law for criminal charges. In the court of public opinion, balance of probabilities is fine. OJ fucking did it. That said, there’s nowhere near enough information about this case to say anything other than, “What a shitty situation.”

  5. Just as a sidebar, note that balance of probabilities is also the standard in civil court, which is how OJ finally got nailed.

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