I’m a little slow posting this but Perry took his time throwing his big, fat, stupid cowboy hat in the ring so I’m not going to sweat my dawdling.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has announced his intention to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

So. Americans wouldn’t really elect another radical, tax-cuttin’ Texan would they? One worse than George Dubya? A religious extremist who literally leads his drought-stricken¬†state in prayer because he doesn’t comprehend policy (or weather)? Couldn’t happen, right?

Yeah. Yeah, it could.

Michele Bachman, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, maybe Sarah Palin… what a qualified bunch. The United States should definitely vote one of ’em in to replace that socialist Kenyan they’ve got now.¬†They totally should. I’m sure something this wouldn’t ever happen:

Seriously, I’m 83 per cent sure.