The Regina Folk Festival is a three-day event that attracts thousands of people with an amazing lineup of acts from all over the world. It happens August 5–7, 2022.

Prairie Dog is the proud presenter of the official program guide for the festival. The guide is a full-colour, 8″ × 10″ booklet with full event listings, artist profiles and a map of the venues. It has a total circulation of 13,000 copies — 7,500 are inserted in the July 28 issue of Prairie Dog, 4,000 copies are distributed on-site and 1,500 copies are available in Saskatoon.

The full guide will also be available to view online. Click here to view the 2019 guide.

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1/4 Page Vertical$5723.42″4.42″
1/4 Page Horizontal$5727″2.13″
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Back Cover$2,0047″9″

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