Last July, I did this post about the removal of Kim Morgan’s sculpture Antsee from its long-time location on a dead tree on the south-east side of the Cenotaph in Victoria Park.

If you read the comment thread you’ll see that the artist indicates that the intention was to relocate the sculpture. Turns out, the city’s going to do more than that. Despite being bolted deliberately out of reach of even tall adults by Morgan, several of the ants had gone missing over the years, markedly diminishing the sculpture’s impact. In an email I received today, Morgan indicated that she’d not only received the go-ahead to re-install the sculpture. She’d also received funding to replace the ants that were stolen.

Depending on the weather, installation is supposed to take place on the May 14-15 weekend. I didn’t ask Morgan, but I’m curious about where the ants are going to be installed. In its previous incarnation, the dead tree was part of the work’s theme of natural death, decay and renewal occuring in an urban environment where similar processes were at work.

That’s a thought-provoking idea, but the work is certainly capable of being revisioned. It will be interesting to see what Morgan comes up with.