Replacement Planned for Black Building?

It’s too cold to walk over there today to confirm, but according to a post on the Regina thread of the Skyscraper website there’s a new sign up at the property on 17 block Hamilton St. where Westland Ventures recently applied for permission to build a temporary surface parking lot. That came after the mixed use Black Building that had provided accommodations for over 40¬†individuals and families in the downtown area was demolished.

As we know from the Capital Pointe experience, a sign does not a building make. So I don’t know what sort of timeline may be involved. The application for a temporary parking lot was supposed to be for three years. I’m not sure if that’s still the plan, or if in light of concerns about the creation of more surface parking in the downtown, the building will be going ahead in the near future.

Here’s a link to the post, where you’ll find information on what the proposed 12 story building will include and what the architectural design looks like.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Replacement Planned for Black Building?”

  1. They should let the grass grow high and store some old, colourful amusement park equipment in there, you know, just to give the impression that Regina downtown actually has, or at one time, had life.

    In other news will Senor Morgan be reviewing that “The Diner” place that’s next door?

  2. That design is bogus: the Delta will impose WAY more than is shown, while the Sears building, parkade, and seniors’ highrise will as well. This shows a bright and airy, spacious environment: Bogus. Plus the building is nothing special.

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