Regina’s Running Out Of Water! We’re All Gonna Die!

Actually I’m sure Regina will be fine, but the Buffalo Pound water treatment plant is knackered again. The City is asking everyone to back off on water use. So no lawn-drenching, laundry-washing, or three-hour-long garden hose fights until the problem is fixed, please. The last time something like this happened, the City asked us to cut water consumption by 50 per cent. We managed a mere 18 per cent, which kinda made us look like assholes. Let’s try to do better this time, okay?

Thank you. Press release here and also after the jump.

Water treatment plant still not operational – residents must reduce water use

Due to electrical problems, the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant is not able to operate. As a result, the City of Regina requires all residents to reduce their water usage as much as possible to help the supply in city reservoirs last longer.

The plant shut down Friday night at 11:45 p.m. when a storm knocked down three power poles, cutting power to the plant.  SaskPower crews worked throughout Saturday to repair the damage. Power was restored at approximately 6:00 p.m. When staff started the plant, other electrical components failed. Crews are currently working to fix the problem.

The City has water in its reservoirs and a number of wells to continue to supply water to the community. The water is completely safe for drinking.  As of 9:00 p.m. Saturday, the City had approximately 100 million litres in reserve – enough for one full day of normal water consumption.

As a result, residents are instructed to eliminate all discretionary water use until the plant is fixed. Residents should continue to drink and cook with water as normal, but postpone activities such as watering lawns and gardens, washing clothes and running dishwashers until the plant is operating again. Avoid flushing the toilet as much as possible. Residents are also instructed to avoid stock piling water by filling up large containers or bathtubs, as this only increases pressure on the system.

In order to conserve water, the City will reduce water pressure at pumping stations. Residents will notice lower water pressure at the taps in their homes. Residents may also notice a difference in water colour over the next two to three days as the well water works its way through the system.

Fire and Protective Services has enacted a plan to ensure it has adequate water to fight fires. The plan includes filling all available tankers with water.

The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant supplies water to Regina and Moose Jaw, as well as a number of surrounding communities. Pense, Grand Coulee and Belle Plaine are also on the Regina water system. Residents of these communities are also instructed to reduce water usage.

The City of Regina thanks residents for their cooperation, and will continue to keep residents informed and will provide further updates as information is available.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

6 thoughts on “Regina’s Running Out Of Water! We’re All Gonna Die!”

  1. Thanks for this, Stephen, but it comes 9 hours late, here. We only heard about the call for restrictions on the late night CTV news. I think that a lot of people were pretty busy clearing up storm damage and waiting for their power to go back on (some for their sump pump’s sake) and weren’t whiling away the time browsing the City Hall page, or listening to local media. As for me and my neighbours, we were zombified after coping with the 4th major street flood within a year, in the middle of the night. Not willing to wear the asshole label, here.

  2. Does the City of Regina have a Twitter feed or something? At home we don’t watch the news during dinner, only listen to CBC2, and Tammy and I were out last night. I didn’t hear about this until I got onto the prairie dog web page — after I put some clothes in our old-school (aka water hog) washing machine.

  3. Rosie: go to Twitter and search for “Regina” (and, yes).

    Barb: I will write a note to whomever I need to write it to explaining that you are not one of the assholes. Sorry about your flooded street. (I’ve got that problem too.) Old infrastructure. Rosie’s doing a story about rain trouble, actually.

  4. Glad to see the pd doing something on drainage (or lack of). My neighbourhood was built in the middle 1960s, and according to the few original owners who are still around, the area used to be a slough. (Who’d’a guessed?) Besides topography and old/inadequate infrastructure, there’s the current abuse of infrastructure: soil, gravel, garbage, and tree/plant debris in catchbasins severely reduce their effectiveness. You can’t prevent some stuff from washing into the drains during severe weather, but you can sure as hell clean up afterwards, and maintain your property and curbside so it doesn’t contribute to the problem. Yes, homeowners, business owners, property managers, institutions and the City of Regina, I mean YOU.

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