Homo Monstrous via bandcamp.com

Homo Monstrous via bandcamp.com

Friday nights almost always consist of eating spray cheese and fuming with anger over internet things – we assume this is the universal course. There’s really no other way to end the week. But sometimes you want to experience an “ungodly mosaic of sounds,” which is exactly what’s being offered at a Tartan Curling Club concert on September 25 starting at 8 p.m.

During an IM interview, promotional sensei Carl Johnson described the show, saying, “In many ways this will be the most abrasive, strange and idiosyncratic show I’ve ever helped put on. It in no way will be conventional/boring.”

This is the alternative musical lineup Regina needs.

The city’s favourite gender carnage glitter-noise band (and there are likely many to choose from) Homo Monstrous is going give audiences something to become existential about. If you haven’t experienced Homo Monstrous, they push the limits of punk rock into performance art territory. Glitter noise, as we all know, is best served with Dawson’s Creek-themed pop rock, which will be provided courtesy of Calgary’s DRI HIEV.

Johnson said, “Homo Monstrous and DRI HIEV are sonically fearless, smash-you-in-the-face-with-noise bands.”

Feverfew, Edmonton’s harp-hop sensation, will be there to lull viewers with their hypnotic vibes. As Johnson described the group, “Feverfew is occultic harp music for people who thought The Wicker Man had a happy ending.”

As if this weren’t enough music, two bands The Steves and The Florals will also be there to showcase their surfy Queen City vibe. “[They will] round out the night with some quick and dirty slacker rock,” Johnson explained.

As the palate cleanser to this oddball buffet of sonic sensations, stick around for the AC/DC-inspired Hells Bells spoken word feature by Andy Beisel (formerly of Slim City Pickers) set to smooth jazz.

Artist/alchemist Colby Richardson will provide ambiance for the evening with live visuals.

The Tartan Curling Club
$10 unless it’s your birthday.
September 25
Doors at 8:05 p.m.
Show at 9:15 p.m.
Show info