Regina’s Fanciest Parking Lot

What part of no stopping do you not understand? In tomorrow’s Prairie Dog I have a piece on the problem of people parking their cars on the City Square Plaza. It includes an interview with Kelly Wyatt, Plaza Head Honcho (seriously, that’s her job title) (no, not seriously), in which she confirms that the whole plaza is a no stopping, no parking zone for cars.

Just like it says on the sign.

But I went downtown today and what did I see but a car parked out in front of Hill Tower I. Car was empty but… oh! He did have his hazard lights on! Because of course you’re exempt from bylaw enforcement if your hazards are blinking. That’s how it works. Right?

Author: Paul Dechene

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7 thoughts on “Regina’s Fanciest Parking Lot”

  1. I see that all the time too. Yet to see enforcement happen, though. Asked RPS about it, was told it’s not their area of responsibility—guessing…Commissionaires are maybe contracted? No reply from city hall (shocker, that).

  2. Bicycling is forbidden, but parking is acceptable. As long as it burns gas and helps the economy.

  3. According to the city, the plaza will be closed to traffic as of Friday morning to accommodate work that will be done to get ready for the Juno Awards. The plan is to have a large tent on the plaza that will host shows and other events April 18-20 as part of JunoFest, plus also a simulcast of the awards ceremony on the Sunday. Following the Junos, the plaza will remain closed as Fashion Week will be held in early May. The outdoor Farmers’ Market will likely get going around that time too on Wednesday and Saturday.

  4. Greg: All these plans for outdoor events assume a glacier doesn’t break off from the snow dump and crush everything.

  5. Even my urging of no parking, for people who I drive with, I’ve been a participant in not legal stopping on the plaza. It’s apparently too darn tempting for human drivers to resist, or passengers to pass up hopping into a stopped car outside of the Hill tower.
    So maybe enforcement is required to remove that fuzzy warm feeling of rockstar parking victory.

  6. But we love Rock Star Parking…Only thing city has done to improve the parking situation down town is making this really fancy parking lot…

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