Regina Restaurant Week

After all the fun and excitement of the holiday season, January is typically a slow month for the hospitality industry as people tone down their spending and calorie consumption and seek to escape the typically frigid weather by cocooning at home.

But January’s just about done, and in order to showcase some of the new and renovated restaurants that have sprung up in the downtown over the last few years Regina Downtown Business Improvement District has partnered with over a dozen local establishments to organize a special showcase that runs Jan. 27-Feb. 10.

You can get all the details on Regina Restaurant Week here. But what each participating restaurant is offering is a special price fixe dinner with the choice of one appetizer, entree and dessert for a set price.

Restaurants that have signed on so far include Beer Bros, the Capitol, Copper Kettle, Crave, Diplomat, Famosa, Fat Badger, Flip, Golf’s Steakhouse, Malt City, 20Ten and Victoria’s Tavern.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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2 thoughts on “Regina Restaurant Week”

  1. This is a great idea.

    Most restaurants waste a semi full of food a year, by having WAAAY too many menu items.

    A YQR chain or 6, have over 70 choices ? Why?

    Why are there nachos & pizza at an “Irish” bar?

    Gordon Ramsay’s F word show .. did it right.. 3 choices of appy, 3 choices of main, 3 choices for dessert.

    All based on reservations.

    Not making a huge dinner for a table of X.. 20mins before closing..

    Clean up tends get slack, the staff want to go home..

  2. One reason for large menu selections: people with dietary problems (gluten, lactose, etc.) or dietary preferences (vegetarian, religious, etc.).
    Nachos and pizza are the expected bar food here, bar ethnicity notwithstanding.
    Restaurant managers need to enforce restaurant policy (e.g. be firm about when the kitchen closes), because the customers they’re afraid to lose probably aren’t the kind of customers they want.

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