Regina Really Is Just One Big Parking Lot

I often hear people remark on the dearth of parking in downtown Regina and, frankly, they usually sound pretty desperate. They say things like: “There’s not enough parking!”, “We need more parking!”, and “I can’t find a parking spot anywhere!”

Well, apparently some of these eloquent individuals have taken matters into their own hands. They’ve taken a fresh look at City Square and have come to the logical conclusion that this public space can also double as a convenient, centrally located spot to park one’s automobile. I took these pics (as proof!) on Friday evening as a friend and I passed through the square en route to a real parking lot. Why didn’t these guerilla parkers do the same? Probably because they wanted to illustrate for us a central issue around parking in Regina: Everyone wants a spot, but no one wants to pay. But, as so many of us have found out over the years, when it comes to parking in the Queen City, one way or the other, someone always pays.


Author: Wanda Schmöckel

Wanda Schmockel is just trying to get by without shoving. You may follow her on twitter @vschmo

21 thoughts on “Regina Really Is Just One Big Parking Lot”

  1. I accidentally parked somewhere I wasn’t supposed to once (in a another city). When I came out of my friend’s apartment a couple of hours later, my car had been towed and impounded. Why are these allowed to sit there and no one does anything about it? And honestly, what is it with Reginans obsession with parking? I’ve seem more parking here than anywhere I’ve ever lived and heard more people whining about there not being any than anywhere I’ve ever lived. I just don’t get it.

  2. There seemed to be parking there when the little outdoor rink was directly in front of where those cars are now. I even parked there a few times myself, following the lead of others.

  3. We need to be less concerned with parking and more concerned with bike lanes everywhere, educating the public that bikes are vehicles and not too burst past them or completely stop for them when they do not have the right away. We need to be concerned with an upgraded transit bus system. If we deal with these things parking will be a lesser concern. We combat the “parking crisis” and help the environment, and our roads a little more. This city is so reactive as opposed to proactive that it hurts.

  4. Woodland: Unless city admin changed something without announcing it, there was never parking there. There’s no stopping on the plaza and cars aren’t supposed to be driving outside the line marked off by the planters.

    But yeah, people have been parking outside the ice rink all winter.

  5. Oooops. I just assumed they provided parking there for the rink since it wasn’t on the driven portion.

  6. So, why not photograph the licence plates and post on the City’s Facebook page?

  7. I’m less comfortable with policing than I am with documenting. Hopefully the city will take the hint, and put up some signage because clearly there’s some confusion around whether or not parking is permitted in City Square. Why there is any confusion is beyond me. I would have thought it obvious that turning a public square into a pop-up parking lot is obnoxious, but what do I know?

  8. Documenting would include pix of the licence plates. Policing would be up to the City. If people want to do more than just bitch, whine and complain about a problem, they should take the initiative to have it solved.

  9. Documenting is whatever that individual feels comfortable with. That’s their call, and I agree taking their plates to the police is basically ratting them out. The only thing solved is a few people could get tickets – the real solution would be clearer marking as apparently it isn’t present.

  10. I think Vanda was documenting a travesty and not a crime. Sending pictures of scofflaws to the police would just be adding to the unpleasantness.

  11. Barb! I thought we were friends.

    Documentation can be broadly defined. What is documented is up to the documentarian (in this case, me). I took a wide shot on purpose. I had a closer shot, but chose not to use it precisely because I could clearly make out the license plate numbers, and as the documentarian, I made a choice not to identify any individual’s vehicle because I don’t think that’s the point.

    I’m merely pointing out an eyesore in a public forum that I think might be a function of poor planning. It’s human nature to take advantage (of perceived free parking at least). That’s why we probably need signage to tell people not to do it.

    Anyway, we can all look forward to Paul Dechene’s no-holds-barred investigation into this situation. He tells me he’s on the case. Stay tuned, everyone!

  12. Well, I just want Vanda to post decent pics. I don’t care about licence plates one way or another. But I kinda like what I think is Barb’s contempt for the situation we’re now in: which is that part of Victoria Park has literally been paved and the result is a parking lot.

    (I’m assuming a bit there about Barb’s feelings and could well be wrong. But if she’s ticked, I’m with her.)

  13. Illegally parked or abandoned vehicles are reported all the time by conscientious citizens, licence plate numbers and all. I think that the problem with Vanda et. al. is that they deplore the situation at the plaza, but because of their animus towards the municipal authorities (or perhaps ANY authorities), don’t want to take any steps that would appear to be colluding with The Man. That’s intellectually indefensible, hypocritical, and irresponsible.
    Sorry, Stephen, but you’re off target.

  14. Does the retreat to humour mean that you’ll quit complaining, or that you’ll woman up?

  15. I fear I’ll never be woman enough for you.
    And, if the past is any indicator, I’ll probably never stop complaining either.

  16. No holds barred? Thanks, but shit… I bar holds all the time.

    Barb: I’d never knowingly post someone’s license plate here or on the city’s facebook page. Maybe that’s technically legal. But I wouldn’t want to empower some parking enforcement vigilante.

    Don’t scoff at the idea. I’ve considered donning a cowl and cape to go out and take on this city’s many parking malefactors.

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