Regina International Fringe Festival

The 11 O'Clock Number, presented by Edmonton's Grindstone Theatre.
The 11 O’Clock Number, presented by Edmonton’s Grindstone Theatre.

In addition to Saskatchewan/Canada, theatre artists from the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and South Africa will be performing at the 11th annual Regina International Fringe Festival which runs July 8-12 in Regina.

You can find out more about the acts, and the five venues in central Regina that they’ll be performing at (Artesian, Unitarian Centre, Saskatchewan Express, St. Mary’s Church and MacKenzie Gallery), by visiting the RIFF website. The acts range from serious theatre to musicals, parodies, improv, dance and spoken word. So if you’re even remotely interested in live performance, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that’s to your taste.

As with previous years, there will be a special Kids’ Fringe on July 11 at the MacKenzie Gallery. It’s free, and tickets are $10 per performance otherwise.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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