It’s my annual week in Regina covering my pal’s desk. Basically I reply to e-mails and answer his phone, explaining he’s gone this week but he’d be happy to call you when he returns. It’s five days of doing whatever I can to avoid real work, all the while appearing to be very busy. I’m pretty good at it.

The best benefits of the gig include his fully stocked beer fridge (that he won’t notice the depletion of for months) and a chance to do Regina things. Regina things like the IMAX. That sucker is awesome. I saw the new Michael Caine flick last night and it was spectacular on that screen, with that sound! Michael Caine’s head was as big as my house. You must experience it. It looks like Caine’s massive head will show on your IMAX screen until July 30. The 10:15 show was a sell out last night so I recommend a call ahead for tickets before 8:30. What a sweet deal! $12. We should get one of these in Saskatoon. It should be slightly larger than yours.

Oh, and good morning to the stoned dude that sat beside me but left before the show ended. It was nice to meet you, guy who conversed without eye contact. He told me he had already seen it, but arrived late the first time and missed the start. I’ve never thought of spreading a movie over two half-viewings, but I’m pretty sure it makes sense when you’re high.

I’m guessing the rest of my stay here is going to suck, unless somebody has tips? I really don’t wanna do the touristy Regina stuff though so please only advise if you have something really good.