A friend recently took his Lego creations out of the basement and showed them off at the Regina Model Railroad Show. I would’ve dug it based solely on the fact that he tossed in someone selling astromech droids in the Lego farmer’s market.

In general, my buddy and his Saskatchewan Lego Users Group (S.L.U.G. for short) compatriots showed off some great, imaginative work that should warm the heart of even the Star Wars Lego-hating Stephen Whitworth.

Four such imaginative touches were the Regina landmarks my friend worked in. The one included above is my personal fav; the rest are included after the jump so you can judge for yourself.

By the by, S.L.U.G. is having (what I think is) their first solo Lego show. It’s way off right now, at the end of July 2012, but check back at their website for info on that and other upcoming shows.