Redneck Assholes Flying The Confederate Flag At Craven

The Redneck Asshole Flag. Also known fondly as the Stars 'n' Farts.
The Redneck Asshole Flag. Also known fondly as the Stars ‘n’ Farts.

The CBC is reporting that some dimwits at the Craven Country Jamboree are flying Confederate flags. And I hope we can all agree that’s an extremely uncool thing to be doing right now.

The excuses offered by the dimwits are of the “I don’t see the big deal,” variety.

“Everything’s getting blown up way too much. It’s just a flag,” says one of the Confederate flag lovers.

And that got me thinking. We need a flag we can fly in protest of such idiocy. Up top is my first, hasty attempt.

It’s the Redneck Asshole Flag.

vonnegut2yv1I based the design off one of Kurt Vonnegut’s illustrations for Breakfast of Champions.

Now, I do understand that the message you might take away from the Redneck Asshole Flag is, “Rednecks are stupid, racist assholes.”

And, you know, I don’t actually think that all rednecks are stupid, racist assholes. In fact, it seems from the CBC piece that there may only be two Confederate flags flying at all of Craven. That’s a minuscule number when you think of how many people are up there right now.

I’m betting most of the country music lovers at Craven aren’t very stupid or racist at all. (Though, I am a little surprised and disappointed that they haven’t publicly condemned these Confederate flag fanatics and shamed them into taking the flags down.)

And I’m also heartened to learn that the organizers of the Craven Jamboree were already planning to encourage anyone flying a Confederate flag to take it down. That seems to be a very sensitive and sensible position to take.

But you know what, despite all that, I’ve grown kind of fond of my Redneck Asshole Flag and am considering producing a few to fly during this Craven Jamboree and all the Jamborees to come.

Try and stop me.

And if somebody gets offended by my Redneck Asshole Flag — says it’s demeaning to farmers or rural folk or southerners or country music fans — well, I think it’d be fair for me to respond, “I don’t see the big deal. It’s just a flag.”

Anyway, if you have other (better) ideas for a Redneck Asshole Flag design, tweet them at me at @pauldechene. Or you can take my Redneck Asshole Flag and do whatever with it.

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

35 thoughts on “Redneck Assholes Flying The Confederate Flag At Craven”

  1. “It’s just a flag (symbol)” – brilliant. Words are just words too. I think there’s a good dose of ODD in these guys too.

  2. Do you have a high resolution version so the asshole doesn’t look all pixelated when printed at a flag size?

  3. John: I have an illustrator version you can blow up to any size. I can email it to you.

  4. Hahaha, I love the Redneck Asshole Flag! As for the ignorant pricks flying the goddamn confederate flag out at Craven? EW. Let me get this straight… these people are taking “pride” in the racist history of the southern geography of a foreign country they’ve never been to. At least they’re all in one place this weekend. I find it ironic that the same day South Carolina LOWERS their confederate flag, people in Saskatchewan proudly raise it. Gross.

  5. “Craven” mgmt should have the balls to tell the flag bearers to take it down, or leave.

    Freedom of Choice !

  6. Check Tory Gillis’ Twitter feed. Sexually harrassed/assaulted three times while trying to do news reports from Crave.

    Nuke it. Nuke Craven from orbit.

  7. Does anyone have fact-based attendance figures for this event? We keep hearing it is HUGE, and on one news report I heard today “the biggest city in Saskatchewan.” Such enthusiastically delivered information is seldom followed by an actual number, tho. How does crowd size compare to, say, your average Rider game, or my neighbourhood arts festival (est. 50,000-60,000 this year)? Am curious, given the level of attention and public investment.

  8. Blow it up. But I don’t want the email edit. Lol but you can show me when your finished the art work. Make sure it’s nice a red. Make sure it’s vegetarian. I heard beet juice does well.

  9. By the way, Confederate flags probably aren’t all that easy to get your hands on around here. Who would sell one? It’s not like you can just walk into Walmart or the Boy Scouts store or Bouclair and pick one up. So, “only two flying” at Craven? I’m sure it’s not for a lack of trying. Ultimately though, it just comes down to provocation culture. I’m not really sure how much the chicks dig it, tho.

  10. There were more than two flags…I counted 5 when I shot the story for CBC. All were still up the following day when I went back with my reporter and she was sexually harassed multiple times. Craven is terrible.

  11. People who want these flags can either buy them at bike shops or flag shops (here and in the US), or order them online.

  12. In today’s edition of “Clueless PR Daily”, we have this amazing quote which appeared in the Leader-Post:

    “Festival spokeswoman Kim Blevins said there have been no serious issues at Craven so far this year.

    ‘We’re having a great time,’ she said.”

    It is good to know that stupid fucks waving Confederate flags and the sexual harassment of reporters are not serious issues.

    I can’t even make this shit up.


  13. Out of the 0.3 million people there (approximate number), most are alright, drunk or not. It’s the morons like this (20ish years old, blacked out beyond belief) that give it a bad name. Though I would say their numbers seem to be increasing, a bad sign for the festival. And you’re right, the organizers/spokespersons always downplay the negatives and act like everything is A-OK. Maybe add even more policing, crack down on the clearly over the top rampant alcohol consumption, and do something about the “roads” there that turn into a mudpit with any amount of rain. But $ talks, bros, and the people keep coming. Sadly something super bad will have to happen before real changes are made.

  14. Again, the same old story. Anytime you have a very large group, yes maybe even huge t.Elliott, there is ALWAYS going to be a certain percentage of the people acting like idiots and giving the function a bad name. 90 percent of fans out at Craven behave themselves and have a great time. Cant believe some of the comments other readers have left here, just as ignorant and childish as some comments I read about the Gay Pride flag a few weeks ago on other blogs. Redneck Asshole flag? Somebody needs to grow up!

  15. @Barb – I don’t want to give organizers any ideas, but the Hell’s Angels likely wouldn’t make things worse there so….hmmm…..

    @Indy500 – I agree that a very small percentage of attendees make the whole event look bad, but then you went off the rails. You see, there is a big difference between the Gay Pride flag and the Confederate flag. The Gay Pride flag is about equality. The Confederate flag started flying in several states in the 1960s. While some claim that it was about celebrating the 100th anniversary of the US Civil War, it is interesting that the same states with challenged de-segregation ended up flying the Confederate Flag. Some even claim that the Confederate flag was a form of southern rebellion against the Civil Rights movement.

    Catch the distinction…??

  16. Yep, totally agree Greg. Its just we are lowering ourselves to their level with the name calling and insults. Thought we were better than that. Perhaps that’s why Harper keeps on winning elections, the guy gets insults thrown at him constantly and he doesn’t bat an eye. Voters see that and think he is strong and full of character. Don’t lower yourself to your enemies level.

  17. Great work, Paul; I can attest that all the illuminati visiting the situation room lately thought it holds great promise, and send best wishes to you and your minions for its further artistic development.
    I’m going off shift now but we’ll be watching, as usual.

  18. Just FYI: although the Hell’s Angels were drunk, belligerent, armed with pool cues and knives, and spoiling for a rumble, the guy they killed pulled a gun on them first. See the film.

  19. The LP reported 20,000 in attendence, so not quite 0.3 million, more like .02 million. 0.3 million is like Woodstock-sized, which is how people seem to perceive the event. Reality, fewer than a single football game and some other festivals in the province, and likely fewer spin-off dollars on hotels and shopping and such than what other events generate. Although I’m sure SLGA does quite well, as do the seagulls.

  20. 20,000 in attendance, had no idea Craven was that large! Certainly has grown in size to the one and only time I went. It almost fizzled out when it was rock music a few yrs. back.

  21. 20,000 in attendance, had no idea Craven was that large! Certainly has grown in size to the one and only time I went. It almost fizzled out when it was rock music a few years ago.

  22. Ha, ha, Brononymous – at least it provided a reason to look up the number! Which turns out to be pretty minor by festival standards, even within Sask.

  23. Barb, you seem to recognize one of those contests pretty easily. Past experience…?

  24. Well, I do recall one board meeting I attended where I offered the services of the six-inch ruler I carried in my backpack, noting for the record that it should be more than enough to do the job…

  25. This is ridiculous no-one males a complaint about gay pride parade or any of the stuff there doing or the native people walking around with there native pride gear or the treaty days or pow wows but a couple confederate flags fly and u guys start complaining it’s a flag and until u start complaining about gay pride or native pride black history month all that stuff promoting there pride in there own color or race sexual gender I think maybe u should lay off white people flying a flag cause I don’t ever remember the government saying it’s ok to have a white pride anything so if white people can’t be proud without being called a racist I don’t think any other group of people should be aloud to either it’s getting to be berry frustrating

  26. To the maker of this grotesk piece of ugliness,

    First: read a few history books that reach a level excelling the one elementary school kids use. I will never deny the huge mistake the South made by owning slaves (but in case you did not know: so did the North, and so do other countries these very days, another thing you can easily find on the net or in a proper book or newspaper).
    If you follow this advice, you will learn that the Civil War was about much more than slavery. It started with economical, political and territorial issues. Then, after the battle of Antietam, Mr. Lincoln wrote his Emancipation Proclamation (a good thing without any doubt). Most people don’t know that he freed the slaves only in the states in rebellion. He ‘forgot’ to free them in the states that remained loyal to his government, just to keep them on his side.

    Second: before accusing the South of racism: meet the real Mr. Lincoln by checking this link:
    And as a little extra: Both general Lee and general Grant owned slaves during their lifetime. And this is a quote of general Grant: “If I thought this war was to abolish slavery, I would resign my commission and offer my sword to the other side”

    Third: One looks at others trough with ones own eyes, and often reflects on those others what lives in ones own mind and heart: You call a Confederate Flag offensive. And that monstruous, grotesk thing shown here isn’t, I suppose?

    I hope sincerely that a brain transplantation becomes reality in the near future, then you might actually become something better than the narrow-minded person you are now.

    My regards,
    Cal Mito

    P.S. Is that ‘work of art’ inspired on what you saw while looking in the mirror?

  27. Just saw the flag defenders now. Maybe I should start deleting stupid comments…

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