Traveller's BuildingArchival photos show that the Travellers Building on 18 block Broad St. had active usage as late as 2001, but for a number of years now it’s been completely boarded up as shown in the above photo. The building opened in 1929, and was designed by the influential architectural firm of Van Egmond & Storey for businessman George Broder. It was used initially as a car dealership and repair shop, and is now a designated heritage property.

As you can see from the attached placards, the Travellers Building is now for sale. The list price for the 23,500 sq. ft. building is $1.56 million. Before it could be returned to active use, I imagine quite a bit of rehabilitation work would be needed. But if a way could be found to bring the building back to life it sure would provide a welcome boost to that area of the downtown.