Redevelopment Opportunity

Traveller's BuildingArchival photos show that the Travellers Building on 18 block Broad St. had active usage as late as 2001, but for a number of years now it’s been completely boarded up as shown in the above photo. The building opened in 1929, and was designed by the influential architectural firm of Van Egmond & Storey for businessman George Broder. It was used initially as a car dealership and repair shop, and is now a designated heritage property.

As you can see from the attached placards, the Travellers Building is now for sale. The list price for the 23,500 sq. ft. building is $1.56 million. Before it could be returned to active use, I imagine quite a bit of rehabilitation work would be needed. But if a way could be found to bring the building back to life it sure would provide a welcome boost to that area of the downtown.

Author: Gregory Beatty

Greg Beatty is a crime-fighting shapeshifter who hatched from a mutagenic egg many decades ago. He likes sunny days, puppies and antique shoes. His favourite colour is not visible to your inferior human eyes. He refuses to write a bio for this website and if that means Whitworth writes one for him, so be it.

14 thoughts on “Redevelopment Opportunity”

  1. If you think about what houses are going for in the city right now, $1.56 million seems like peanuts for that old crumbling beauty.

  2. Can I tear it down and sell it to Impark? Apartments with a market down below would be best, but cool things like that don’t happen in Regina.

  3. Looks ideal for office/apartments upstairs and storefronts/restaurants downstairs. Broad Street lacks foot traffic and this building could help to drive it.

  4. I’m sure with the Windows open for years it’s in great shape inside /sarcasm.
    Probably will take another $1.something million to rebuild the guts, which maybe isn’t a bad deal for someone wanting a good location downtown with foot traffic and plenty of eyes passing it.

  5. the upper floor is a suspended horse hair dance floor. It used to be the home to a night spot called ‘the Bucket of Blood’. not sure that was the wisest marketing strategy, but my parents used to dance there in the 30’s.

  6. Before the building’s sold a guerilla operation will have to be mounted to roust the pigeons that appear to have settled in. There’s a good dozen in the photo, including some hanging out in the open windows.

  7. I vote for a City of Regina Transit Transfer Hub. All buses stop here. Washrooms, heated, video screens to track buses using the-super-cool-transit-tracking-system or whatever it is called. Cost supported by about 4 food court style vendors. Actually I don’t care where they put my dream hub just build it somewhere, dammit. That article yesterday in the LP about crowed sidewalks downtown at transfer points and the need for security guards to keep people out of warm storefronts while waiting for transfers made me want to puke. Sorry to change the topic of the post, just needed a space. Hopefully some forward thinking counselors read this and then forget about reading it and then come up with the great idea on their own.

  8. Funny, I thought about a transit hub, too, Steve, but I don’t think it’s as practical as 11th Avenue, however crowded that location is.

  9. Back in the early 1980’s, I think the two sides of 18 block Broad was in fact the place where transfers were made, all be it you had to cross the street somewhere to get to your other bus. there is a whack of other buildings just north of that on Broad Street that have been very poorly used other than Lang’s cafe and a hair stylist. Similarly, there are a lot of parking on the west side of Broad Street that given enough collective thoughts could be removed. You could put either a sky walk across Broad or subterranean to get you from one side to the other. So, combining some aggressive renovations of a heritage building and some work on the other side and down the street, it might work. Not sure which buses would have to be rerouted. This wouldn’t stop having buses go down 11th and 12th but they wouldn’t be congregating there just stopping if needed.

  10. Shouldn’t we just give it to the Roughriders and then let them exploit it for profit and not pay any taxes for decades?

    All we ask in return is that they allow our city politicians to keep enjoying taxpayer funded game tickets and VIP club memberships.

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