Reactions To The Lakeview Candidates Forum

Another candidates forum this evening, this one put on by the Lakeview Community Association.

The event kicked off with a forum between the Ward Two candidates and that was followed up by one involving all nine of the mayoral candidates. With so many people needing a chance to speak, things were very rushed. Opening statements were only three minutes and responses to questions were supposed to be even shorter. I can’t help but feel that with such a crowded field the whole forum format is starting to break down.

Again, I’m going to avoid commenting on the forum (mainly because it’s late and I want to go to bed). But I did manage to do more post-show interviews so you can hear what other people thought.

Unfortunately, it was a cold night and everyone was hightailing it home so I only managed to get three interviews in before I found myself all alone.* In the cold. Outside Lakeview Community School. With nothing but a dumb bike for transportation.

Download audience reactions from the Lakeview Community Association candidates’ forum. (2.5MB mp3)

* Actually, that’s a lie. There were a few other stragglers hanging around. One of whom turned out to be Adam, who I interviewed after the Make Your Voice Heard forum. But I totally didn’t recognize him because I’m dumb like that. And it was dark.

Author: Paul Dechene

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2 thoughts on “Reactions To The Lakeview Candidates Forum”

  1. In candidate Bob Hawkin’s Candidate Profile, he says “What city council needs to up its game, to keep everyone on their toes, is a Stephanie Langenegger (CBC reporter) to report on the goings on at City Hall.” Perhaps Mr. Hawkins isn’t aware of the stellar work Mr. Dechene has been doing on the City beat – he beat the pants off anyone else doing City reporting.

    Hats off to you Paul, thanks for all the good work.

  2. I was wondering why everyone was parking in front o my house last night. I thought it was just community spin class.

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