Reactions To The Aurora, Colorado Shooting

From Glen Weldon at NPR

No reason will satisfy; no reason can, because the act occurred in reason’s absence. We are left in its wake to guess and blame and, ultimately, finally, helplessly, to mourn.

Batman didn’t create this act of random violence. In a very real sense, he exists to help us respond to it.

From Dana Stevens at Slate:

Nolan’s Batman trilogy has proceeded on the assumption that what happens on the screen in some way reflects what’s happening in the world, that fantasy and reality are mutually permeable—this is what makes his movies function as political allegories, if at times muddled ones. Why shouldn’t we assume the reverse is true as well—that the grim, violent fantasies we gather to consume as a culture have some power to bleed over from the screen into real life?

And ComicsAlliance posts this image that’s been floating around online all day.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

2 thoughts on “Reactions To The Aurora, Colorado Shooting”

  1. A lot of the recent mass killing sprees have been perpetrated by dudes described as “nice, normal, quiet, non-violent”… What gives??? Have these people so detached from normal emotional society that they think what they’re doing is benign? Too simplistic to blame video games, but where is this coming from?

  2. First person shooter games? Always the excuse for these. Except first person shooters don’t always have plans in them. Most people shoot at will to lose themselves or to reduce stress.

    This tragedy was well planned in advance by this solo problem individual.

    This tragedy comes way too close to the anniversary of the Norway massacre. Coincidence?

    I see a pattern where anytime there is a gathering of
    I see movie staff become part time security guards with metal detectors and delays to get in to watch a movie because of it in the future.

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