Last night at the Regina Christian School, eight of the nine candidates for mayor got a chance to talk about the issues facing the city — only Councillor Michael Fougere was absent. (He sent his regrets, saying he had a prior commitment.)

Now, I could tell you how I think it went and which candidates I think performed the best, but instead, for the time being, I’ll hand that job over some of the other people who attended the forum. Eight other people, to be specific.

Special surprise guests in this audio collage, Martin Gourlie a former visitor to Ultrasonic Alarm Call and an author over at Regina Urban Ecology (Regina’s best urban-planning and city-living blog); plus, frequent Dog Blog commenter and former Barking Dogs subject, The Mysterious Ron!.… who is no longer mysterious… at least to me, because I got to meet him in person finally. Ron’s great. And in real life he speaks in full sentences!

Download audience reactions from the Make Your Voice Heard all-candidates debate. (9.2MB mp3)

Many thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed. And to read all of prairie dog’s election coverage, click on the green election dot above. Or here, that’ll work too.