Reactions To The Make Your Voice Heard All-Candidates Debate

Last night at the Regina Christian School, eight of the nine candidates for mayor got a chance to talk about the issues facing the city — only Councillor Michael Fougere was absent. (He sent his regrets, saying he had a prior commitment.)

Now, I could tell you how I think it went and which candidates I think performed the best, but instead, for the time being, I’ll hand that job over some of the other people who attended the forum. Eight other people, to be specific.

Special surprise guests in this audio collage, Martin Gourlie a former visitor to Ultrasonic Alarm Call and an author over at Regina Urban Ecology (Regina’s best urban-planning and city-living blog); plus, frequent Dog Blog commenter and former Barking Dogs subject, The Mysterious Ron!.… who is no longer mysterious… at least to me, because I got to meet him in person finally. Ron’s great. And in real life he speaks in full sentences!

Download audience reactions from the Make Your Voice Heard all-candidates debate. (9.2MB mp3)

Many thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed. And to read all of prairie dog’s election coverage, click on the green election dot above. Or here, that’ll work too.

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

18 thoughts on “Reactions To The Make Your Voice Heard All-Candidates Debate”

  1. First, a disclaimer: I’m not a Michael Fougere supporter. Still, it’s disappointing that so many people are willing to think the worst of him and to jump to conclusions about his absence from the forum. There may be very good reasons why Mr. Fougere couldn’t make it; could have been personal, could have been work-related. Nobody, I’m sure, would read anything derogatory into the absence of RBE Trustees Cindy Anderson and Carla Beck from the grand re-opening of Douglas Park School on Sept. 17. They probably knew long since when the event was going to be held, but couldn’t spare the time off work, or something came up. Also, when you’re an incumbent, you naturally have far less free time to campaign, because campaign or not, the work od office still has to be done.
    On the up side, people attending the forum got a chance to look over the other mayoral hopefuls without the distraction of Mr. Fougere, so it’s all good.

  2. A) Fougere’s not actually the incumbent.
    B) It’s beyond silly to assert that non-incumbents have some sort of magical bonus time. Everybody has commitments: jobs, families, second jobs, hobbies, volunteer work, cats who require an inordinate amount of cheeseburgers, whatever. Running for mayor is a serious undertaking.
    C) Fougere’s dayjob is as a lobbyist for developers. Even as he announced his candidacy, he was endorsed by a fairly powerful business lobby. It is absolutely fair and necessary to question Fougere’s motives and loyalty.
    D) Dude made time to take his place beside Conservative Party flunkeys defending rural/urban federal ridings.
    E) In the absence of any explanation but a vague, last minute, boilerplate excuse, it is absolutely fair to consider the man’s no-show as an indication of his priorities.
    F) Considering the recent behaviour of the current Chamber-of-Commerce-endorsed mayor, invisibility might be some kind of ideology. Who knows?

  3. I forgot to mention:
    A.The absence of Mike ” pick yer nickname” Fougere.

    #2 Equally right.

    B. The whole Q&A presentation should have been 1 more hour. I did geta chance to talk to some of the mayor /ward,challengers ‘tho.
    C. I agree with 1 of the podcast speakers, to a point we could use 1 more of these public meetings before the election. But to “weed out” anyone specific …I don’t know about that.

    Mabye a similar format, but it’s with citizens getting to go to a microphone & asking 1 question for all 9 or 1 specific candidate(s): with a time limit rule still in place.

    People don’t bring infants/ wee ones. Your kids Did disturb the forum.

    Didn’t see you there Barb, but did you happen to notice the name of the place , implanted into the terrazzo floor?

  4. I found this amonst the Sunday paper and it’s necessary(?) junk mail,: The Elections Regina flyer,stating where my polling station is..

    It’s no longer in my neighborhood. I have to drive now,( I’m not going alone), where we could walk before. Take a few minutes my Ass.. this new BS to vote will probably take an hour now.

    Voter apathy in Regina.. No Shit.

  5. @7: no, I had another commitment that night and couldn’t be there. And I’m not even an incumbent…
    @5: A. Mr. F. is an incumbent city councillor. Curb your condescension.
    B. I made no such assertion; I pointed out a possibility.
    C. Reread what I said about other reasons for absence, and note the reference to other office holders whose “motives and loyalty” might be questioned on the basis of a no-show.
    D. And other folks made time to present at the hearings, such as Mr. Dechene and Ms. Norton, as was their right. Are you implying Mr. F had no such right?
    E. OK, as long as that judgement applies equally to people all along the political spectrum.
    F. Entirely possible.
    @8: Ron, go to an advance poll, or a mail-in ballot. You have alternatives, man: use them.

  6. Look at all the people in the world for whom distance to a polling station is no issue. They’ll walk or cycle for miles and stand in line in the sometimes inclement weather for hours, just to vote. And you’re whining about having to drive? Feh, Ron. How badly do you care about your city?

  7. Condescension? Moi?

    The general point is that Fougere has earned a higher level of scrutiny than other candidates. That’s not even a value judgment. He’s a player on civic, provincial (on the SaskEnterprise board) and federal scenes. He’s got powerful backers with deep pockets and the seal of approval from a mayor once voted “more popular than the pope” (it was a different pope then). He absolutely need to do a better job of explaining himself when he misses an all-candidates public forum if he expects to hold the public’s trust.

  8. Thanks Paul et al for providing the podcast. Very interesting comments. The PD is giving us the best C/R election coverage of all our media, we appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

  9. #10 Point taken Barb.

    My whole neighbourood has been affected,not just my so-called selfish self.
    I’ll guesstimate a potential of 1300 voters will have to “deal” with this too.

    #13 hmmm..thanks ??

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