Publisher Terry here. We’re giving away these lovely posters to organizations and businesses who want to rally prairie dog readers to vote for them in our Best of Regina poll. Want one? These 8.5″ x 11″ beauties are available for free while supplies last. Just e-mail me and you can have one to put in your shop or business window.

We’re not playing favourites here or giving preferential treatment to advertisers — we’ll give these away on a first come, first serve basis until we run out. Best Of Regina is a fair contest and winning is determined by whoever gets the most votes. But it’s like any other election: those who campaign have an advantage. Welcome to democracy, where the most popular candidates win.

(Important note: restaurants can’t have these posters. We already covered eateries in our Best Of Food poll. Best Of Regina is for people, shops and businesses. We’ll do Best Of Food again next year and there will be restaurant posters then.)

Get your poster soon: voting ends in a couple of weeks!

We now return you to regularly scheduled Dog Blog.