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— The world of gaming is a never-ending fount of obnoxious blowhards, as evidenced by this thread of e-mails between an upset gamer and the developer that took the gamer’s money for some controllers that never arrived. One of the guys from Penny Arcade jumps in on the action, too. To say the very least, Ocean Marketing doesn’t come off great in the exchange.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

6 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. The best part of the email exchange comes when Ocean Marketing continues its campaign of bluster with Penny Arcade and then realizes that they’ve been mouthing off to the very people they claim to have a good relationship with.

  2. Listen closely. Yes, there it is again. In the background. Someone is singing. Repeating the same line. Over and over again. It sounds like … “Call me when you try to wake her.” … And it makes about as much sense.

  3. Wait. There’s more. Something about …
    A can of beans, or blackeyed peas, some nescafe and ice; A candy bar, a falling star, or a reading of Dr. Seuss.

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