So I’m writing a series on Regina’s greatest chicken wings. But with my advanced age (the square root of 39 squared)* comes my advanced humility. I know only enough to know that I know very little indeed.

For example, chicken wings. And where they are. Where are they?

I’m looking for Regina’s best chicken wing joints to review. And prairie dog readers are not only book-smart — they’re wing-smart.

Tell me, pd readers: where should I go for chicken wings? What would you like to see in my next review? If you suggest a place and I love it, you will receive a photo of me holding a chicken wing and looking pleased.

It will look something like this, but with a chicken wing involved.

photo courtesy of Elan Morgan

So far I’ve visited or intend to visit the following locations:

Fireside Bistro
Bushwakker’s Brewing Co. Ltd.
4 Seasons
Bonzzini’s Brew Pub
Press Box
Johnny Fox’s Pub

Any essentials I’m missing out on? Any crazy unique wings out there? Unbelievably good cheap wing-night wings? Let me know in the comments!

*I know all the math that there is to know, which allows to me get all fancy with numbers.