Queen City Confidential Update

Here’s a link to the May 6 Queen City Confidential.

Our crack team of investigative reporters has done some digging, and it’s suspected that the renovations are being done to spruce up the hotel a bit so that it can serve as a sales office for the condos that are going to be built there beginning this fall. Units start at $199,000, I believe, and top out at over a million.

First house my mom and dad ever bought, I remember, was a reasonably new two-story in Whitmore Park in the late ’60s. The price? $8000.

Yeah, housing has gone kind of crazy lately. On Tuesday, a rally’s being held at the Legislature at noon as part of the national Red Tent campaign to demand affordable housing and an end homelessness.

Sponsored locally by the Regina Anti-Poverty Network, the rally will address lack of rental stock due to condo conversions, overcrowding and unsafe living conditions, and the need for decent housing for seniors and disabled people.

For more info call 522-3515.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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