From the Globe and Mail:

The CAQ was officially launched last week in a lacklustre ceremony that looked more like the opening of a golf club or a Tim Hortons franchise than the launching of a political party. [Francois] Legault, a former PQ minister, and Charles Sirois, a successful businessman who represents the federalist wing of the coalition, were the only speakers, and they unveiled a 20-point “actions to act on the future” (sic) plan that doesn’t have many new ideas and is extremely limited in scope.

What Lysiane Gagnon might not realize when she or her editors put that sic in there was that the Coalition-Avenir-Québec (CAQ for short) is addressing not just how we can change the future from now but how we can change the future from then. That’s right — CAQ has figured out time travel.

That’s no doubt how they’re going to make their “‘results-oriented’ policies” work, even if, as Gagnon points out, the party’s leader “tried to apply the same formulas when he served in previous PQ governments as education minister and health minister, to no avail.”

Best of luck, you political Marty McFlys.