The Saskatchewan government released retired Justice Ron Barclay’s report into the RM of Sherwood Wascana Village fiasco today. You can read more in this CBC report.

Because of the many damning findings in the report, the province has removed Kevin Eberle (edit) from his position as reeve. According to Barclay, Eberle stood to make $58 million from the sale and development of land south of Regina as part of the Wascana Village project. He also allegedly engaged in unethical administrative practices, including stonewalling when Barclay began his investigation, and ordering the destruction of documents implicating him in the Wascana Village development project.

An interim reeve (Neil Robertson) has been appointed, and the RCMP has been called in to investigate the matter further. In his press conference, Government Relations minister Jim Reiter was critical of the RM of Sherwood council’s actions as well so they may face additional consequences.