Further to Carle’s bang-on post below, as someone who thinks housing should be the key issue in October’s municipal election, I feel like I was just given a wedgie from the school jock.

To put some perspective on the province’s pledge of $80 million for a new stadium in Regina, in their most recent budget, the provincial government set aside $30,649,000 for rental housing supplements across the entire province.

In other words, that’s less than 40 per cent what Regina is getting as a Roughrider housing supplement.

It was nice to see Mayor Fiacco breeze into town to gather accolades for securing more stadium funding. Though it is too bad he wasn’t at the council meeting on Monday to break the tie vote over an amendment to the waste management bylaw.

And, for those keeping score, Fiacco’s attendance record at council for 2012 is 40 per cent.