Province Invests In Affordable, Open-Concept Housing For Homeless Rider Fans, 10 Nights A Year

Further to Carle’s bang-on post below, as someone who thinks housing should be the key issue in October’s municipal election, I feel like I was just given a wedgie from the school jock.

To put some perspective on the province’s pledge of $80 million for a new stadium in Regina, in their most recent budget, the provincial government set aside $30,649,000 for rental housing supplements across the entire province.

In other words, that’s less than 40 per cent what Regina is getting as a Roughrider housing supplement.

It was nice to see Mayor Fiacco breeze into town to gather accolades for securing more stadium funding. Though it is too bad he wasn’t at the council meeting on Monday to break the tie vote over an amendment to the waste management bylaw.

And, for those keeping score, Fiacco’s attendance record at council for 2012 is 40 per cent.

Author: Paul Dechene

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9 thoughts on “Province Invests In Affordable, Open-Concept Housing For Homeless Rider Fans, 10 Nights A Year”

  1. Please Fellow Reginans: I’m begging ya, I’m pleading, weigh in on these important questions:

    Should Regina mayoral hopeful Michael Fougere be permitted to remain President of the Saskatchewan Construction Association as a Regina Councillor? What about if he were mayor?

    Has this had an effect on affordable housing decisions and development initiatives in Regina? Have your say! #YQRvotes

    Also, as a side note: Where is, Fiacco’s, err I mean Michael Fougere’s platform?


  2. City of Regina fixing giant sinkhole

    Who needs roads! Fools. We’re getting a shiny new stadium. Who cares about useless things like infrastructure, asbestos pipes, roads, 100 millions short city pension plans, recycling, or affordable housing, those things are BORING!

    A stadium! A stadium! I want a stadium! oh, and pesticides. Yes. Now we’re world class!

    I know who I’m voting for in the upcoming civic elections! #YQRvotes

  3. Cheer up everybody!! Wall Govt just KILLED the new stadium. They cleverly weaseled out and still look like they support it. They bluff say theyll pay 1/3 (up to 80m), the city might be able to pay a third, but what about the rest? No profit lovin company is touching that dead dog. Im happy–the stadium is dead.

  4. Maybe the candidate would like to weigh in on why a crew on my avenue has just hit and ruptured a gas line which they said wasn’t marked? This is one door away from a daycare. Isn’t there a rule about calling before you dig? The property, a duplex, is being remodelled; rumour has it that it’s to be a group home. Does that provide an exemption?

  5. It seems Mr. Fiacco is not that interested in truly representing his constituents given his less-than-stellar record of attendance at council meetings. Or perhaps he is representing his constituents, and that’s how they like it – no genuine debate, no transparency, and no answering to anybody.

  6. #1 You forgot to mention Mike’s position on the board of Enterprise Sask.

    Is that volunteer time ,or a paid post?

    #4 Pls. describe “a crew”. GC’s, CoR? Other?

    I won’t rant tonight.
    But I’m guessin’ that this is a state of ; this Office at this X level of gov’t can’t communicate to well with anyone.

    I agree ,( to a point ), of having to have a certain amount of permits for building/home renovstions., from all 3 levels of “gov’t”. But,when all 3 start overlapping the rules, that gets expensive for the end consumer.

    #5 Hi. His soon to be de-throned, is also the Prez. of Boxing Canada.

    He has to go strategise hotel rooms and hor’derves,arranging limos in London 7 27 2012 meetings.Priorities ,right? For his yet another olygamez prescence.

    Paul D. wrote a great piece,( on this blog ), about the growing Seattle Sounders fanbase,with their MLS team.

    I suggest all of you to; Wikipeadia : CenturyLink Field.

    Read as much as you want,but but focus on the “funding” section.

    BTW, this wasn’t a rant, because I didn’t swear fn 1nce.

  7. Ron: as far as I could tell, crew = a couple of guys with a small backhoe, likely private contractors (the gas drove me indoors pretty fast).
    Also, a rant doesn’t have to have cussing; see Rick Mercer.

  8. What’s so important mentioning Fiacco’s 2012 council attendance record? He’s stepping down and leaving office. Time to put more focus on the upcoming candidates for Regina Mayor.

    Up to $80 million contribution from the prov. gov’t for a future replacement stadium? Not bad. I’d prefer it to be lower.

    This future stadium needs to be better designed to host more events than just Rough Rider and other misc football games.

  9. renovations :(

    #8 Mabye there could be a contest.

    Make it an open opportunity to any Professional Architect or firm. They have a specific budget. The stadium must hold 40,000 people for football minimum.
    Parkade, Landscaping,etc.
    All submitted drawings / scale models are pro-bono, and then voted on by the people of Regina, via public display and web access.
    Sort of a reality architect,vote off.

    Beats spending $400,000, on fuck all.
    Right, RPLibrary Board brain?trust.

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