Protesters Stop Coulter’s Talk

I might be biting some Six in the Morning material, but I just thought I would draw everyone’s attention to the Fulcrum‘s great article on conservative pundit Ann Coulter‘s talk at the University of Ottawa getting cancelled.

As the Dog Blog noted previously, Coulter was already stirring up controversy before arriving, both by reputation and by her claiming to be the victim of a hate crime. Her talk was supposed to talk place last night at the U of O’s Marion Hall. After a fire alarm was pulled and protesters made a point of disrupting the event further, it was cancelled due to security concerns.

The Fulcrum got a lot of the right interviews, including one with a great neighborhood crazy:

Frances Ladouceur, another Ottawa resident, was not able to get into the event after the protesters pulled the fire alarm.

“I’m upset that a bunch of punks … that obviously aren’t from this country, they’re Arabic or whatever —they ruined it for everyone else,” she said. “It is a communist university and I will never send my children to this university.”

The National Post has some Coulter reaction, featuring a terrible, terrible pun on her part. (“A-Houle”? Really?)

UPDATE: The Fulcrum has just put up an editorial on the matter. Being the U of O’s student paper, they’ve got a unique perspective on the situation.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

7 thoughts on “Protesters Stop Coulter’s Talk”

  1. Somewhere in Caracas, Chavez sweetly nods his socialist head. Death to freedom of speech.

  2. those whining about her visit are probably *some* of the same people who bemoaned the exclusion of george galloway from canada

  3. Coulter knows the U of Ottawa is a bilingual school right? I know she’s all crushy on Sarkozy these days but doesn’t she realize that some in the student body might not have forgiven her for recommending the U.S. go to war with France?

  4. Jeff: I think it’s a shame Coulter’s people cancelled her speech because of disuptive protestors (who of course also have free speech rights). But it’s weak to compare her situation to Galloway, who, unlike Ann, was barred from entering the country by our federal government.

    To me, Jeff, it looks like you’re implying that freedom of speech advocates are hypocrites who are selective in their outrage. Was that your intention or am I mistaken?

    Seanbot: That’s a ridiculous thing to say. No he isn’t.

    Red Baron: What are you talking about?

    Barb, my favourite commentor: Yup!

    Paul: Oh but there are so many reasons to protest Ann Coulter. Her critics shouldn’t limit themselves.

  5. a lot of “free speech” people aren’t really free speech people, they just say they are to peddle their own viewpoint

    i’m not comparing galloway to coulter, i’m comparing the reactions of different people to the different situations – many free speech peddlers speak up for their own type of people, but stay schtum when it’s someone of a different political stripe

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