Adding to the annals of proposed redesigns scheduled to be put forth for “public consultation” is this proposed redesign of the 13th Ave Safeway (sorry the picture is so small).

The current building, as is plainly evident to anyone who beholds it, is a gleaming Modernist gem of a structure with a gently arced roof and expansive windows that let in the loveliest Northern light.

Personally, I don’t think the proposed new design fits in with the neighbourhood, and the scale is totally off. It looks like something one might find in Harbor Landing or the east end of the city, but not something that would integrate well – certainly not aesthetically – in the Cathedral neighbourhood.

There have been murmurs about the need for an expansion of the current building, so why don’t they just do that? This redesign requires that the back end be extended, and properties currently behind the store would be purchased for that purpose. If they really need to expand (which is debatable), a simple extension at the rear would probably solve any problems the store currently has. And who’s complaining, anyway? The only complaints I’ve ever heard about that store is that they don’t offer stuff that meets the needs of the market in that neighbourhood. The building isn’t the problem.

Maybe it’s just me. What do you think? There will be an Open House on Tuesday August 9th from 4:30 to 8pm at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre where plans will be on view to the public and, apparently, there will be an opportunity to give your feedback.

Here’s a link to the City of Regina website where you can get a load of the plans.