Per Sonatori IIHere’s a heads up about a concert that’s happening in Regina on Oct. 18. It’s being presented by Per Sonatori, a Baroque-period ensemble that focuses on music of that era using period instruments. Well-known composers who are associated with the Baroque era, which is classed as running from 1600-1750,  include Handel, Telemann, Monteverdi and Johann Sebastian Bach. Similar to Baroque styles of art and architecture, the music from that period is generally seen as being more complex and ornate than the Renaissance style that preceded it with an increased range of instruments and greater focus on tonality.

As for Per Sonatori, the artistic director is Tara Semple, and other members include Jeff Looysen, Marie-Noelle Berthelet, Amelia Borton, Rudolph Sternadel, Hart Godden, Johnathan Achtzehner and Curtis Scheschuk.

You can find out more about Per Sonatori here. Promenade is being held at Knox Met Church on Friday at 8 p.m. As the title indicates, the concert will be done promenade-style, with different compositions performed in different areas of the church. Tickets are  Adults $20, Students $15, with children seven and under free.