Progressives Just Lost The Next Civic Election

Am I the only one who sees the stadium money from the province as a giant hand up to Fougere and his ilk for the upcoming municipal election? (LP)

Hat tip to Pat, who noted that no one had mentioned this. I personally was too livid/depressed yesterday.

Author: Carle Steel

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16 thoughts on “Progressives Just Lost The Next Civic Election”

  1. The government is burying an new time capsule.

    Do you think they’ll include all their “good works” listed in there?
    Selling off the crown corps.
    $80 million spent on a new stadium.
    Shutting down the film industry.
    The stance against abortion.

    Then the people 100 years from now could look back and see how Saskatchewan got so fucked up for so many years.

  2. Please Fellow Reginans: I’m begging ya, I’m pleading, weigh in on these important questions:

    Should Regina mayoral hopeful Michael Fougere be permitted to remain President of the Saskatchewan Construction Association as a Regina Councillor? What about if he were mayor?

    Has this had an effect on affordable housing decisions and development initiatives in Regina? Have your say! #YQRvotes

    Also, as a side note: Where is, Fiacco’s, err I mean Michael Fougere’s platform?


  3. City of Regina fixing giant sinkhole

    Who needs roads! Fools. We’re getting a shiny new stadium. Who cares about useless things like infrastructure, asbestos pipes, roads, 100 millions short city pension plans, recycling, or affordable housing, those things are BORING!

    A stadium! A stadium! I want a stadium! oh, and pesticides. Yes. Now we’re world class!

    I know who I’m voting for in the upcoming civic elections! #YQRvotes

  4. My vehicle’s suspension is shot and I owe that to the brutal roads in this city. I thought there was “private” money for this stadium but I see it is really the “private” money from the municipal and provincial governments.

  5. Carle,
    I think it’s more than just a hand up for Fougere. The way this is playing out, Fougere can take the credit (if there is any) and not wear responsibility of making the decision should this whole stadium project blow up in their faces. He must truly be smiling today. And what’s the rush to make this stadium go before the fall election anyway?

  6. You’re right, Don. How diabolical. Whatever way you look at it it’s an enormous gift to Fougere and Fiacco. From us, to boot.

  7. Cheer up everybody!! Wall Govt just KILLED the new stadium. They cleverly weaseled out and still look like they support it. They bluff say theyll pay 1/3 (up to 80m), the city might be able to pay a third, but what about the rest? No profit lovin company is touching that dead dog. Im happy–the stadium is dead.

  8. The first I heard of this new stadium/dome was in a Kevin Blevins LP editorial. Blevins now works for Premier Global Productions, so I don;t know if he independently kick-started this entire thing or if was just helping to manufacture public opinion in favour of, but now his business probably stands to profit considerably should a new stadium be built, so in my opinion, this thing has been driven by pure self-interest from Day One.

  9. I wasn’t too pessimistic about the $80M token offering the other day. As a progressive, moderate candidate, I see it as that one anonymous commenter notes, and it’s simply not enough money for anything close to what a stadium will cost in the current market. The project is dead, presently.

    At some point it will need to be revived so Regina can continue to be the home of the Riders, but $80M is well over half of what the Riders said it would take to fix Taylor Field for 15 years more of solid working life. The city can spend ~$50M more on renos to Taylor Field, and use the $200M not spent on recreation, on critical infrastructure like roads, water/sewer, and rental housing incentives. Oh, and get started on fixing the pension plan, because it’s not like the stock market is going to do that for us.

  10. Most wards have “progressive” candidates running against each other, vote-splitting (Check Ward 3), while normally only one establishment person runs. Plus as typical in municipal politics, the progressive’s credentials are not always so sparkling. It looks like Fougere just put up his soul mate in Ward 4

    As for the stadium, I keep thinking about the sustainability of CFL football. It seems strong now but that’s not always the case. I keep asking, how much do you want to spend for a league that may not be there tomorrow? It’s viable right now, and hopefully it stays that way, but CFL economics are always a gamble.

  11. #10 – Are you for real? Do you really think Brad Wall Gov’t wants to risk alienating Rough Rider fans aka the whole province by trying to weasel out of it? One thing about Rough Riders and politics is they both go hand in hand.

    Many of the Sask. Cities years ago including Regina and Saskatoon never predicted the growth we are experiencing today. Lack of proper funding doesn’t help neither. It’s a struggle to keep up with growth compounded with aging and deteriorating infrastructure.

    The stadium just like other infrastructure is approaching it’s end of life. To those who say we don’t need a new stadium, just renovate the existing one…this reminds me of the old now closed traffic bridge in Saskatoon.

    In 2005/2006, $500,000 was spent on that old bridge in renovations/repairs to give it an extended life expectancy up to 20 years. This doesn’t include those stupid LED decoration lights they put up in 2007 for a cost of $462,000. So instead of getting an extra 20 years of life expectancy….we only get 4 years when in 2010 the bridge is deemed unsafe to use and closed permanently.

    So, instead of wasting money renovating that old bridge, they could have started building a new one in it’s place. Same thing with this stadium. Replace it!

    Stadiums aren’t a yearly issue like roads, bridges, sewers, etc. Stadiums only need addressing every few decades when they get old.

  12. #14, m.b., my brotha, I can tell you straight up, one hundred per cent, that there is no political advantage to be had in repping for a defunct Ottawa football team.

  13. Hi commenter #14, I’m #10:
    I did not say Mr Wall weaseled out of the new stadium, period. I said his govt weaseled out AND still look like they support it. Thats the brilliance on their part. There is zero new stadium $ from feds, only a 1/3 from prov (max of measly 80m$), rest from city already 100m$ in debt, and PatF’s secret dozen private investors (which may be 12 hotdog companies)! Am I only one who sees stadium as dead??

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