Thank you for visiting, the website of Prairie Dog magazine — Regina’s independent voice. We know our readers often have questions about changing technologies and what they mean for their privacy, so we’ve outlined our policy on such matters below.

First things first: Prairie Dog magazine is owned and operated by Hullabaloo Workers Co-operative Inc. We’re a small, Saskatchewan owned business and all our employees live and work in the province, pay provincial taxes and, most of the time, like it here. We also work with a large number of freelance writers and artists, most of whom live in the province — and in most cases the few that don’t, used to.

Prairie Dog is an independent magazine. We aren’t a government agency and never have been. And guess what — we’re also not affiliated with any political party. We just write what we like and publish what we want — and generally we get a lot more compliments than complaints so we’re just going to go ahead and assume we know what we’re doing here.

Now, about that privacy thing… the following paragraphs outline what the information we collect on this website and how we may use it.

First, we track how visitors use this site. We monitor which parts, pages and sections are visited and for how long so that we can see what people like and don’t like. We use the information we collect to analyze how the site is used — and we share this information with our advertisers. Here’s an example: we keep track of how many users see and click on particular advertisements.

When users register for classified ads, contests, and surveys we may collect personal information including your name, your address and e-address, and telephone number) . We will not, however, release your name, address or any other personal information to anyone outside Prairie Dog. We won’t share your details with advertisers, we won’t publish your number in the paper and we definitely won’t hand it out to drunken sailors we meet at the bar. If for any reason we decide sharing your phone number is a good idea, we will get your permission first.

If you enter a contest or other promotion, we will use your personal contact information to administer that contest or promotion. This includes contacting, announcing and promoting prizewinners. So don’t enter a contest if you’re shy and scared of a little publicity.

We collect credit card information when you place a classified ad or pay for another service from Prairie Dog. We will use this credit card information to  fulfill your order and that’s it. You won’t get weird statements that will be difficult to explain to your spouse, on account of us. We totally promise.

If you use our website, we may assign an Internet cookie. (Not us personally but our software.) This is not the sort of cookie that has chocolate chips and is baked for 12 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. An Internet cookie is a wee little text file that collects and stores information. These cookies are fed to your Internet browser and can be used for lots of neat things. . For example: a cookie may recall the preferences you have set for our online classified ads.

The cookie is invisible to you. It’s probably just there to improve your internet surfing convenience. Think of it as a friendly and helpful little software ghost.

We may place advertising or other links on our site that originate from outside advertisers. If you view these ads, that advertiser may assign a cookie. Prairie dog does not control these cookies! Prairie dog is also not responsible for any marketing or any other use of your information by these advertisers.

Finally, we occasionally ask our users to complete market research surveys. Survey results are aggregates and are shared with our advertisers and sponsors in a way that does not disclose your personal information. This is the “we don’t hand out your phone number in bars rule”, again.

Finally, Prairie Dog welcomes any questions or concerns you have about this policy. For more details please contact:

Terry Morash