Prince Plays Geetar!

You know what excites me most about Prince coming to Saskatoon? A chance to hear him play guitar. He’s freakishly good!

The bummer? Last time he was supposed to be here it was scheduled for TCU Place, and this time he’ll play CUC. Crap! On the other hand, this will likely be the best concert that we’ll see in the city for a long, long time. So get tickets when they go on sale Nov 4 and prepare to have your mind blown.

Author: Toontown Rat

He is a long time Saskatoon resident and moderately important cog in the machinery of Prairie Dog's little sister, Planet S Magazine.

One thought on “Prince Plays Geetar!”

  1. Never quite got the ‘Prince’ or his loyal fan base. It’s all about Raspberry Bonet, or Strawberry Bouquet or whatever it is, isn’t it? The last new song I heard him put out was “Cream” and that was like 20 years ago (and it sucked).

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