Prime Sneaky Spot For RFF Nights

Previously, when the Regina Folk Festival invaded Victoria Park, the prime spot for people looking to watch the evening shows for free was the cenotaph. People would hang all over it, angling for a view of the stage.

Not this year, though. For the 2011 RFF, the cenotaph is fenced in.

Fear not, cheapskates: you’re still covered. The curved rail beside the cenotaph offers at least one perfect, mostly-unobstructed view of the main stage.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

6 thoughts on “Prime Sneaky Spot For RFF Nights”

  1. Peter! I see what happened! You left a comment on the photo rather than the post. That’s why it didn’t show up here. See? It’s here! So we’re not censoring prudes! You just have bad aim!

  2. I always thought the extremely uncomfortable free seats were sensibly democratic and gave a nod to the fact that the festival is in a public park and, y’know, someone who hangs out on the Cenotaph Friday might be wowed enough to buy a ticket for Saturday. Fencing off public spaces makes me frown.

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