I always had problem with the name CoelacanthDance; namely, that I never had a clue how to say “coelacanth”.

I know it’s an actual word, and that there are people out there who look at it and think, “Oh yeah, that’s a fish and a word I recognize and can pronounce.” Every time I said it, though, I said it in a different way.

Which was a problem. CoelacanthDance are a Regina band who’ve been around for a good long while, so there was occasion to say their name (and to be a little embarrassed doing so) every now and again.

I guess this didn’t go completely unnoticed by member Steve Jeske, who sent me an e-mail a few days ago about an upcoming show. The biggest news: they were changing their name, “’cause [CoelacanthDance] is just a bit nuts to read/comprehend for the average fan of psychedlic jam band funky shtuff.”

The new moniker: Sun Zoom Sparx. No question on how that’s read, unless the “x” in place of a “ks” really throws you.

They’re playing a show tonight, July 23 at the German Club to celebrate the name change. There a slew of drink specials that all sound more attractive than the word “slew”. Doors are at 7 p.m. and the show starts up at 9 p.m.