I don’t think I was alone in thinking that the Saskatchewan Roughriders wouldn’t be getting their first win of the season last week. Started off the season 0-3, with the third being an especially thorough trouncing at the hands of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, any hope of winning against the Montreal Alouettes in our second match-up with them seemed far off.

Anthony Calvillo dropping out due to blurry vision no doubt helped. (I know blurry vision is associated with concussions and would also make the whole quarterbacking job harder, but it’s still an excuse I’m going to bust out next time I’m staying home from work.) But the Riders themselves seemed reinvigorated.

This is all part of the topsy-turvy we’ve been having. I’m clearly not an expert analyst, but I in no way expected Edmonton to be on top, Hamilton, Toronto, and Winnipeg to be performing as well as they have been, and for the Riders, B.C., and Calgary to be struggling as much as they have been.

But, I’ve been looking forward to this game. At this point, there’s no indication that the Stampeders will be coming back. They couldn’t get anything together against Edmonton, and hopefully we can pick them apart tonight, too.

And then next week, we tear apart B.C. This feels like when our season turns around.

I’ll be going to the game and posting some recaps on Sunday.