Pool-Goers Left Out In The COLD!

A group of Reginians stripped down to their skivvies and braved the cold to save the pool today.

The City of Regina announced that it could potentially be closing Maple Leaf pool, located in the Heritage Community, this year.  The pool is a community hub in the summer, and offers a free lunch program to kids.

This group came together to protest the potential pool closure, in the wake of announced rising property taxes to fund the new stadium.

Author: Kim Jay

Aspiring cat lady - loves live music, food, taking photos and lifesaver mints. Kim's an east-coaster who graduated from the U of R's Journalism program, currently lives in Victoria, BC. Kim is happiest on days when her prairie dog subscription arrives in the snail mail.

4 thoughts on “Pool-Goers Left Out In The COLD!”

  1. To close these pools would be a crime to our community, that ranges from low to high income, young to old. The value that these community pools provides can not be measured, and certainly cannot be sacrificed for a shiny new stadium!!!

  2. You BRAVE people!!!! This is wonderfull!! I am cheering you from afar!!! SAVE all Outdoor Pools – we need them (yes, more than a new Stadium – we have a stadium!

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