Politics vs. Government

Sometimes I think the Saskatchewan Party doesn’t understand the difference between itself as a political entity, and the role a political party ideally should play once it has been entrusted with the reins of government. The latter requires a party to be much more open and inclusive.

If I was to lift a pull quote from the article “Parties Spar Over Potash” that appeared in today’s Leader-Post it would be this:

The Energy and Resources Minister explained the government is gathering public input through phone calls to Sask. Party offices and through its MLAs. Boyd added all constituencies that house potash mines are represented by Sask. Party members.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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2 thoughts on “Politics vs. Government”

  1. Don’t you understand? They, like their national counterpart the Conservatives, want us to see NO distinction between the Party and the Government — they want us to think that their party IS the government, so that next time there is an election we either stay home or vote for them because they are to be permanently enshrined in government.

  2. Which is funny, because the form of government where the party is the government happens to be what the Conservatives like to smear the NDP with.

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