Polaris Short List Announced

The 2011 Polaris Prize is underway, and they’ve just announced the short list. Go over here to check it out.

A few really established artists get nods, like Destroyer, Ron Sexsmith, and Arcade Fire. Ron Sexsmith is perennial favourite, but the Bob Rock-produced Long Player Late Bloomer doesn’t go to the same heights as the rest of his discography. I’d count Arcade Fire out as well; The Suburbs made them the world’s biggest independent artists which could easily work against them when the jury convenes to decide on the winner. Destroyer’s Kaputt has a really good shot.

Beyond that, look for Timber Timbre – who opened for Owen Pallett a ways back in Regina – and saxophonist Colin Stetson to make some good odds.

Anyone have a favourite for the winner?

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

7 thoughts on “Polaris Short List Announced”

  1. I think Arcade Fire probably deserve to win, but I think they’re past the point of needing to win. The winning money should probably go to Timber Timbre or Destroyer.

    Ron Sexmith’s new album is pretty great, but he’s now in a weird position where he sounds too poppy to be indie but too indie to be pop. Yet, he still can’t sell records. Some guys just can’t catch a break.

  2. Since Rae Spoon’s record wasn’t even on the longlist (an oversight that obviously invalidates the whole process), the only sane choice is Destroyer’s Kaputt.

  3. Hey Rosetta! “Seeds” is a great album and I’d love to see them win.

  4. I look forward to next year’s, when Propagandhi’s new album will again be left off the list because they lack the required Toronto/Montreal hipster cool factor.

  5. second thought: not a whole lot of women on the very dude-o-centric short list
    third though: does the fact that this might as well be the Juno Adult Alternative nominatee list signal a failure or success for Polaris
    fourth thought: success
    fifth though: franco-canada, is that it?

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