Stephen posted about the Polaris Prize longlist yesterday, talking about how rad it is that Rah Rah’s The Poet’s Dead has been included. I remember talking to Rah Rah for the Prairie Dog cover story Stephen linked to, and listening to the record beforehand and thinking, “Man. This isn’t just really good for Rah. This isn’t just really good for a local band. This is a really good fucking record, period.”

Looking down the list, there are a bunch of albums and artists we’ve talked to, featured on the cover and reviewed recently. So consider this your Polaris Prize primer, in addition to being some Prairie Dog self-promotion. Personally, looking at this list is heartening, because I’m so glad myself and a bunch of talented music writers had the chance to talk about so much exciting music over the past while. For the heck of it, I’m also including some work I did with Planet S, seeing as we’re all publication buddies.

– Amber Goodwyn gushed over A Tribe Called Red’s Nation II Nation and, in the same review section, Emmet Matheson gave some background on Jim Guthrie and his new record, Takes Time.
– John Cameron puzzled over the new Besnard Lakes, Until in Excess, Impercitible U.F.O.
– I had a big long chat with Hayden about his new record for Arts and Crafts, Us Alone.
– Corb Lund opened up to me about the ragged style of his latest, Cabin Fever.

And plenty more on the blog and in the paper that I couldn’t pull up in the short amount of time I’ve got here.