During the talk to introduce the current Dunlop Art Gallery show Any Sharp Knife Will Do, artist Seema Goel asked the question “If something feels creepy, why does it feel creepy?”

Which brings me to this:

Tomorrow, City Council will be voting to endorse in principle a document concerning the development of the Regina Cultural Centre, which would house the RPL and new digs for Globe Theatre. Distressingly, there are only vague mentions of “other related uses such as museums, office space and a commercial component likely to include a hotel, retail and restaurants.”

Does that make you feel a little creepy too?  If so, this might be good meeting to attend. The meeting is at City Hall, 5:30, Henry Baker Hall; agenda and the link to the document in question, “Regina Public Library: Regina Cultural Centre”,  here. Though not making formal statements, representatives from the RPL and the Globe will be available for questions.

Also, last chance to see the Academy-Award- winning film, In A Better World, tonight at 9:00 the RPL Theatre. (Any need to mention the RPL theatre is Regina’s only avenue to see films like this?)

Any Sharp Knife Will Do will be on until August 4.