Please Tell Me This Will Include The Dunlop And The RPL Film Theatre

During the talk to introduce the current Dunlop Art Gallery show Any Sharp Knife Will Do, artist Seema Goel asked the question “If something feels creepy, why does it feel creepy?”

Which brings me to this:

Tomorrow, City Council will be voting to endorse in principle a document concerning the development of the Regina Cultural Centre, which would house the RPL and new digs for Globe Theatre. Distressingly, there are only vague mentions of “other related uses such as museums, office space and a commercial component likely to include a hotel, retail and restaurants.”

Does that make you feel a little creepy too?  If so, this might be good meeting to attend. The meeting is at City Hall, 5:30, Henry Baker Hall; agenda and the link to the document in question, “Regina Public Library: Regina Cultural Centre”,  here. Though not making formal statements, representatives from the RPL and the Globe will be available for questions.

Also, last chance to see the Academy-Award- winning film, In A Better World, tonight at 9:00 the RPL Theatre. (Any need to mention the RPL theatre is Regina’s only avenue to see films like this?)

Any Sharp Knife Will Do will be on until August 4.

Author: Carle Steel

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10 thoughts on “Please Tell Me This Will Include The Dunlop And The RPL Film Theatre”

  1. Thanks, Carle and Prairie Dog!
    I cannot imagine a lively and culturally rich downtown without the RPL Film Theatre and Dunlop Art Gallery.

    We used to have 5 downtown cinemas when Regina downtown WAS the centre of the city. Now, as the last cinema standing, the quality of the programming at the RPL, as it brings us the best in world cinema, serves the citizens of Regina well.

    If we want people to come downtown, there has to be a cultural magnet, and the RPL Film Theatre works as that magnet for 52 weeks of the year, and for 5 days of each of those weeks.

    Thank you, Belinda New, RPL Film Theatre programmer extraordinaire, and thank you RPL, for bringing us the world!

  2. This seems to me like the vaguest sort of proposal — “other related uses such as museums, office space and a commercial component likely to include a hotel, retail and restaurants.”

    Is there a real-estate development opportunity not possibly included in this whitewash concept?

    Very immature of the library board, I think: it seems to me like this city is being asked to write a blank cheque to Harvard Developments for any and every “other related uses”.

  3. This completely off topic, but the formatting of the blog has been completely messed up all weekend, at least when I look at it with Firefox.

  4. I echo Jeannie’s comments on the importance of the RPL Film Theatre, and the quality of work Belinda New has done as a programmer keeping Regina connected to what is going on with movies beyond Hollywood.

    Along with the vagueness, a big concern for me with this proposal is the secrecy that seems to surround it. Less than a month ago the Chair of the RPL Board was quoted in the media as saying they had no plans for a new RPL downtown, but were looking at a number of ideas.

    It now appears, the RPL had a plan and is making decisions without the public consultation that they promised a couple years ago.

    Given the fairly recent history of the RPL, the Administration and Board need reminding that they have an obligation to keep the public fully informed during the decision making process on the future of the Central library.

    Publicly announcing a plan is not the same as consulting the public during the development of that plan.

  5. This is very distressing. The art gallery and the film theatre have been such an important part of the library and downtown Regina for as long as I can remember. Why is the library board being so vague, almost secretive with this proposal about including them in this new cultural centre? While I’m a fan of the globe theatre, it doesn’t replace the film theatre, at least for me. This all does feel creepy. Why is this partnership the first we’re hearing about it when it’s already on its way to being presented to city council? I don’t remember the library ever mentioning this before. I would like to attend this meeting and find out what is really going on with these people.

  6. One of the strangest side-effects of the RPL board’s secrecy surrounding this process is that they appear to be alienating the same people who should be the library system’s biggest boosters — as they are by not coming clean on the Dunlop’s/Regina History Room’s future. I mean they already have the provincial Freemasons mad at them for leaking the first artists’ concept which shows the proposed library annexing the Masonic Temple without consulting them …

  7. Stephen, you raise a good point. As an avid library user I am baffled by the library’s communication strategy around this project, or rather lack thereof. Why is the board not being more upfront about the proposed elements of this new cultural centre? The planning even at this stage of the game appears to be either very unfocused or rather questionable.

  8. In recent news items the Regina Public Library was said to be participating in the North Central Shared Facility to the tune of 1.5 million. The new Prince of Wales Branch(opening when?)was built with home lottery money for (they said) about 1.5 million. While I think the idea for a public access Cultural complex downtown in some form is needed and would be great, how many more libraries need to be constructed in the same area? Is that what the community has said it wants or are you just ramming your plans down our throats after these are “done deals”. Hmmm. If only there was a place in the city that allowed access to and freedom of information, for everyone…

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